What Are the Real Season 3 Spoilers?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

You probably heard the reports a while back that three main Glee characters – Rachel, Finn and Kurt – would be graduating from McKinley High by the end of season 3 and will not be returning in season 4. This is not new. Ryan Murphy first told it to The Hollywood Reporter in mid-July and then the story spread like wildfire around the internet for over a week. Until Comic-Con. When producer Brad Falchuk basically said that Murphy had not said what he said to THR and that while the three characters were graduating from high school, they were certainly not leaving the show.


Here’s the bottom line. THR wouldn’t have attitributed words to Murphy and printed them in the first place. But even if they did, why didn’t Murphy then turn around to another online TV site and say “wait, I didn’t say that”? Instead, his words were allowed to live in permanent type all over the internet for approximately 11 days, during which time the actors themselves expressed shock at said news (apparently they weren’t told about it beforehand) and the fans went somewhat ballistic that they would be losing three main characters in one fell swoop. Add to that the fact that no one really knew what was going on with Chord Overstreet (first he wasn’t a regular because the show didn’t pick up his option, then it was up to him to decide how many episodes he was going to be in). Plus there was the fact that Ryan Murphy also said season 3 wouldn’t contain any high-profile guest stars and then days later Deadline reported that Idina Menzel had signed on for a major 10 episode arc.

In other words, I don’t think anyone – including the show itself – knows what is happening on Glee next season.

Or, if they do know, it’s changing day by day. Which is unfortunate, because Glee is suffering from a backlash after a lackluster second season. Do I like Glee? Of course I do. I’ve watched it since the pilot aired the spring before the show actually premiered. But I’ve become increasingly disappointed with the lack of consistency in the show. I was extremely excited to hear that Glee had hired a full-time writing staff, hoping it would do the characters and storylines more justice. Only I’m really not sure exactly what those storylines are going to be, because it changes every week.

Let’s assume then that what came out of Comic-Con are spoilers that will not be changing again any time soon. If that’s the case, here’s what you need to know about Glee season 3: Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith will not be leaving the show after season 3, but their characters will be graduating after their senior year.

The first nine episodes in the fall will lead up to sectionals. The remaining episodes (which will likely return after an extended hiatus until the spring) will lead up to regionals/nationals.

  • Harry Shum Jr. has been promoted to a regular on the show, so Mike Chang will be getting a larger storyline in season 3. We will be meeting his parents next year and they might not be as into music and dance as he is.
  • Sue Sylvester will be running for Congress in season 3, and her platform will be to eliminate the arts in schools.
  • Mercedes will be getting a new boyfriend – who is not Sam – over the summer and next season their relationship will be featured on the show.
  • Tina has been clarified as a junior, so her character will not be graduating with the others in season 3.
  • It has finally been clarified that Chord Overstreet’s Sam will not be returning to Glee for any episodes. He had apparently been offered a 10 episode guest spot and declined.
  • Kurt and Blaine (who has been promoted to a regular) will still be dating in season 3.
  • Coach Beiste will be returning next season.

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