AP Live Interviews Harry Shum Jr.

Monday, August 01, 2011

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  • They only had 4 days to practice for the live show
  • They had 3-4 days off after the production of Glee ended until the beginning of the tour.
  • One of his favorite performance was P.Y.T. on the tour
  • On the show, his favorite performance was Make Em Laugh!
  • He and Matthew Morrison were determined not to use stunt doubles for Make'Em Laugh
  • Matthew Morrison broke his finger on the first take of the flip Make'Em Laugh
  • Wants to see Mike's family life/home life, relationship with his friends, more with Tina, as an Asian American growing up in US, etc
  • Read Finn's side in his audition, didn't dance in the audition (Zach Woodlee helped him get the role though).
  • Started acting before dancing. Started acting junior high, dancing in high school.
  • During their down time they do a lot of random stuff: ride their bikes, hula hoops, frisbees, skateboarding, fool around with golf carts, etc

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