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Friday, August 19, 2011

Have you changed since you’ve played Mercedes?
Amber Riley: “We always say that our characters are like our superheroes. They say and do things that we wish that we could.”

Ryan Murphy recently announced that he would be replacing the whole cast after the third season. What’s your reaction to that?
Jenna Ushkowitz: “I don’t know if he’s replacing us, but we’re graduating, so there’s a world of possibility when Ryan says something like that. I don’t know, I don’t think they’ll be college years, but he also wasn’t adverse to the thought of a spin off. I don’t know what that was but… You know, we can’t be in High School forever…”

Amber Riley: “No, I’m about to be 26. I’m ready to move on.”

Is there any one memory you’ll take away from the show forever?
Amber: “I think I’ll take away friends, for sure. My cast mates. They’ll always be a part of my life. They’re like my best friends.”

How much of your own lives are reflected in the show? Do you suggest story lines based on what you have experienced?
Amber: “I think they kind of keep their ear to the ground. I think a lot of story lines have been inspired by people’s personal lives. Chris doing Defying Gravity, that actually happened to him in high school. The Born This Way episode is from a story Lea told about people telling her to get a nose job. So for a lot of people, yeah.”

Are there any songs that you really want to sing that you haven’t already?
Jenna: “We’re really big fans of Adele for instance. The two of us… Every time they ask we’re like “Please can we sing Adele?””

Amber: “Like we’ve been a fan since her first album. Not like everybody else. Since the beginning.”

Have you got any plans to release an album of your own at all?
Amber: “Yes I do. I’m working on my album right now. I’m working with Sony, Columbia, and it’s really exciting… It’s so corny, but I really want to do a song with everybody from the show, like a group number, and me and Naya [Rivera] have talked about doing a duet also… Right now we’re just really experimenting. I love soft rock, so that would be something I’m looking forward to.”

Has anyone had any on-set accidents yet?
Amber: “[Laughing] Yes!”

Jenna: “Amber fell in the Wheels episode, in a wheelchair off a ramp.”

Amber: “Like my wheels stopped, and I hit the ground, and it was so quiet, and I just started laughing hysterically and so did everyone else. We only had like a day to learn the Wheels dance, and it’s not easy… We have a bruise wall in the dance room. Our choreographer takes pictures of our bruises we get from dancing and puts them up on the wall.”

If you could play any other character, who would you play?
Amber: "Sue Sylvester."

Jenna: "Kurt."

How long did it take you to learn your dance routines for the concert?
Kevin McHale: “We had three days rehearsal for the entire tour. It was tough.”

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Is there any one particular person that you get on with in the cast better than anyone else?
Dianna Agron: “In any group, no matter how big, usually there are positions reserved. Like there’s the mum, there’s the person you go to if you’re sick, there’s your shopping buddy… There’s definitely that bond that makes us feel like we’re brothers and sisters, and then there are those particular hats that people [wear]… I would never ask Mark Salling to come shopping with me, just as he would be so frustrated with me because I can’t play frisbee golf. Him and Cory have been Frisbee golfing lately. So I think that that’s the best way for me to describe how our friendship groups have been broken up in the group.”

Which are your favourite episodes of the show?
Dianna: "I think it is definitely Safety Dance."

Kevin: "You know it was really fun for me to do, not because I was singing it, but when we did Lean On Me, and we did it for Cory and Dianna, they didn’t let them hear the song or see our rehearsals before just so they could film their reactions immediately, so it was super emotional."

Who would you say is the best singer in the cast?
Kevin: "Oh… You’re going to do that to us?"

Dianna: "I would say April [played by Kristen Chenoweth]…"

Kevin: "April is great…"

You’ve been shortlisted as one of GLAMOUR’s Sexiest Men of 2011. Why should our readers vote for you?
Darren Criss: “Well first of all there’s been a terrible mistake. If you only knew… Well, I would encourage voters to vote for people with genuine sex appeal, and I would lobby against me immediately. That’s a bad idea – you don’t want to put that out in the world. Because I’ll meet people and they’ll think that I’m really sexy and I’m kind of a nerd, so I wouldn’t be able to live up to their expectations.”

What do you think it is about Blaine as a character that makes him so desirable to both sexes?
Darren: “Erm… The blazer, probably.”

What’s been the best thing about the tour so far?
Darren: “The tour’s been special for me because my character on the show goes to a different school, and it’s like its own separate show, so I don’t spend a whole lot of time – other than with Chris [Colfer] – with the rest of the cast, so I was looking forward to get to be able to know everybody.”

Ryan Murphy recently announced that he’d be replacing the entire cast after the third season. What was your reaction to that?
Darren: [Long pause] “That’s cool… I mean, well, it’s not cool. But I mean, it’s his party…”

Who do you think would play a great future Glee character?
Darren: “Blaine has had his time in the sun, I’ve been very lucky, I had a storyline that was wonderful and beautiful, and a wonderful relationship… It was just lovely. I think it’s time to focus on people that haven’t had their chance to shine. Including other Warblers, who are extremely talented and extremely humble. And more main people in the cast who haven’t had more storylines. I want to see more from Tina and Mike Chang and their dynamic... I don’t think we need to bring any new people on board. We’ve got enough to play, a lot to explore. As a fan of the show, I would love to see that.”

Who would you say is the best singer in the cast?
Darren: “Wow, that’s a tough one. I think, bar one, it’s Amber, but that’s really obvious and not even up for debate. As a musician, there’s a difference between having a great voice and being a singer. I think the greatest singers in the world don’t necessarily have a good voice but know how to use it… That’s me saying that everyone in the cast has their own way of putting things… But I am biased towards Naya Rivera’s voice.”

Who would be your dream guest star to work alongside?
Heather Morris: “I just can’t stop pushing Kristen Wiig, that’s all. I just keep pushing her and it’s not happening.”

If you could go back to school is there anything you would have done differently?
Naya Rivera: “I mean I would want to say yes, but then no, because I would be a completely different person. If I wasn’t that nerdy girl with crazy curly hair…”

Heather Morris: “I maybe would have done choir so I would have kept up singing…”

Naya: “I probably would have went to class. That would have been easier.

Is there a song you really want to sing in the new series?
Naya: “I like that she’s in the whole jazzy, sultry vain… I think that she [Santana] should probably stay there, but then again I loved doing Landslide, and that’s a country song. But probably something by Adele… Old school Adele… Or like Steven Wonder or Billie Holiday…”

What’s your funniest memory of Matthew Morrison?
Heather: “He is so funny. He’ll come and take you in his arms and give you a kiss on the cheek and just make you so happy, like in the mornings. That’s like my favourite memory. You come to work and everybody’s tired… That’s how to start the day.”

Who would you say your best friends were in the cast?
Harry Shum: “We [him and Chord] hang out a lot… Watch a lot of bromantic comedies together…”

Chord Overstreet: “I came onto the show kind of like a new kid in high school, not really knowing anybody, and this guy [Harry] is like the first person who welcomed me with open arms, so I have to be nice to him now. No, he’s one of my really good friends so we get along great.”

You’ve been nominated for GLAMOUR’s Sexiest Men 2011 award. Why should our readers vote for you?
Chord: “Honestly, I you think I’m sexy, then you think I’m sexy. I don’t think of myself in that way but… That’s great… I can’t really answer that or I’m going to come off looking conceited.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been sent by a fan?
Chord: “I haven’t had loads of stuff, but I have had a few crazy things. Somebody wrote a book, and they sent it to my agent’s office, and it’s like 100 different letters to me in this book… It’s 100 reasons why they love me, and each page is a different reason. They obviously don’t know me…”

What do you do five minutes before you go on stage on the tour?
Chord: “Pull ups… We make jokes in the headsets to everybody before the show. We talk about Amber, we goof about…”

Harry: “We talk about each other because everyone can hear each other so we pretend to have private conversations. The funniest is when we’re working out. If you peek through you can see Mark lifting, we’re doing pull ups, we’re doing push ups… But that’s the only time we have to work out, so…

Chord: “But it’s great because you’re already burning calories, you’re already got everything going and your cardio, and when you come off the stage you just do more cardio and start burning more calories.”

Have you pulled any high school pranks on each other during tour?
Chord: “Yeah, I did one to Mark [Salling – Puck]. I went into his hotel bathroom and I put [cling film] over his toilet seat.”

Harry: “Chord did one on me. I bought one of his flights or something to somewhere and I was like 'You owe me $4500'…”

Chord: “We took a guy’s trip to an unnamed location and he paid for my air fare and it had been months before hand, and he was like “When are you going to pay me back? When are you going to pay me back?” So on his birthday, I got $450 in ones. I called the hotel desk, I got his room key, and when he was gone, I literally stuck ones in his shoes, in the lamp shade, until the room was covered…”

Harry: “And I came in and the whole place was cover in one dollar bills… So I picked ten dollars worth off the floor and walked out.”

Which of you guys take longest to get ready?
Chord: “Definitely Mark. He does his own glam. He does his own make-up.”

The other guys said that you take longest out of the boys to get ready, Mark. Is that true?
Mark Salling: “What? Who said that?”

We couldn’t possibly say…
Ashley Fink: “I would say for calling boys out, Chris [Colfer] took longer to get ready than I did yesterday…”
Mark: “Chord takes the longest…”

Ashley: “Chord takes a long time with his hair…”

Mark: “I’m like five minutes, literally. Somebody hatin’…”

Ryan Murphy recently announced that he’d be replacing the entire cast after the third season. What was your reaction to that?
Mark: “We hear things and we don’t know if it’s true… We don’t know…”

Ashley: “Yeah, we make Glee, we go on tour and we sing… A lot of these interviews have been telling us things that we haven’t heard, that we don’t know are true. We’re not very involved with the media outlet just because we can’t be. We’re doing two shows a day, so I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s true…”

Which song would you really like to sing in the next series?
Mark: “Every time I listen to the song I want to perform it on the show, so it’s more down to artists. I love a lot of 90s rock, Alice In Chains, Radiohead…”

If you could have anyone guest star, who would you choose?
Mark: “Amy Winehouse.”

Ashley: “Adele would be incredible. It would be great to have Adele on the show. You know, we’ve had a lot of actors on the show, but we haven’t had tonnes of musicians. An Elton John would be incredible or a Chaka Khan. Some legendary singer would be great.”

What makes Mark Salling sexy?
Mark: “I think the key to anyone being sexy is to embrace what they have and what they don’t have… And try to stay in the gym and eat right…”

Ashley: “There’s nothing sexy about trying to be sexy, and I think that what’s sexy about Mark is he just is himself and he’s unapologetic about it and that’s sexy.”
Mark: “Just be yourself and embrace what makes you different.”

Ashley: “Your face is pretty good too…”

What do you do after the show? Do you go straight to the hotel or party?
Ashley: “We eat, usually for the first time…”

Mark: “I play Xbox in my underwear.”

Ashley: “We usually eat food and go to sleep. No rock star shenanigans, we’ve got a matinee performance the next day.”

If you could Slushy anyone in the cast, who would it be?
Mark: "Chord [Overstreet], for that remark he told you earlier."

Ashley: “Let’s double team Chord, I think we could both get Chord at once. That would be fun. Chord’s like the little brother. We’ve all got roles we play in the family.”

Who would you say is the best singer out of all of you?
Mark: “Amber.”

Ashley: “Really? You think? I mean I think she’s incredible… I’m not picking a favourite, I told you, I’m mum! I love all my kids… I think everyone has strengths.”

You’re with each other 24/7. Do you ever argue behind the scenes?
Chris Colfer: “Oh, we are siblings, we’re such siblings. We’re around each other so much that we are family, we just can’t help it. We have like our tiffs, like - “You put your sock on my chair…”, but we’ve never had an altercation that is anything worth talking about or anything dramatic.”

If you were to launch a career as a singer, what kind of music would you sing?
Lea Michele: “That’s always been a tough question. I think that’s why I haven’t made an album yet, because on the one hand, I would make an album that was more themed towards Broadway or like a Barbara Streisand album, or Celine Dion, but then there’s another side of me that would want to make an album that was a little more Kelly Clarkson… I think that’s the route I would probably go in… Female pop rock. But right now, we still have our show, we have a movie coming out, I have two other movies coming out, so I want to focus on those things and then definitely make an album at some point down the road.”

What’s the biggest difference between your character Kurt and you in real life?
Chris: “Kurt is very...”

Lea: “I definitely think that you wouldn’t wear any of those restricting clothes…”

Chris: “Oh, God no. Skinny jeans… I would never wear skinny jeans in real life… But I’m definitely not into fashion and things like that. I didn’t even know who Marc Jacobs was before we started the show. We’re very different. I’m a big nerd, and Kurt is fashionable and Vogue.”

Glee’s broken so many boundaries with the subject matters it covers, but are there any more issues close to you personally that you’d like to see promoted by the show?
Chris: “I’ve got one for you, Lea! Animal rights…”

Lea: “That would be great… But I think that for me, we haven’t met Rachel’s dad yet, and I would be interested to focus on what it’s like being in Ohio and being raised by two gay men, what that was like for her growing up, what she feels like now… I think that would be something interesting to see her deal with.”

Rachel and Finn – What’s in store? What would you like to see happen?
Lea: “I think I would like them to make up their minds. I’m very confused. One night she’s making out with this person, and then she’s making out with that person… I’m very happy that they’re together. I love not only Rachel and Finn, but I love working with Cory [Monteith], so much so that I’d like them to stay together if they’re going to stay together. I don’t know what’s going to happen though… But I think the decision maker is going to be whether or not he, when she graduates from high school, follows her or doesn’t follow her.”

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