Chris in LA Confidential - September 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

After just a handful of lines in Glee's pilot episode, Chris Colfer admits he's stunned his second-season portrayal of gay teen Kurt Hummel's struggles against bullying landed him a 2011 Emmy nomination.

"I never thought I'd be as front and center as I've been," says Colfer. "The beauty of the show is you never know what's going to be huge and what's going to affect people and what isn't. But being a victim of bullying myself in high school, I tried to take it to a personal place." Even he, like many Gleeks, finds inspiration in his character: "He lives in an environment where every day he's told he shouldn't be and can't be who he is and what he is, but he's true to himself."

Colfer also realizes just how badly some fans want to him to be Kurt. "When people meet me on the street they sometimes have this look of sadness in their eyes, because after having a few minutes of conversation with me they realize Kurt is not real," he says. "One of the first things I noticed was people see so much of themselves in Kurt. If I opened up my Facebook page right now, I’d see letter after letter after letter from people saying how similar their situation is or how he helped them get through their situation. Sometimes they like to put me up on a pedestal, but I’m just the actor."

And as much as he adores belting out those splashy Broadway staples Kurt cherishes, angsty acting challenges bring Colfer the most glee. "If I can get angry in a scene, or if I can cry - the more emotion the better," he says. "It's like candy for me"

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