The Glee Project: Spoilers for "Believeability"

Saturday, August 06, 2011

  • -Hannah wins the HMK assignment.
  • -Alex cries while recording "Only Exception" because the lyrics remind him of an unrequited love from high school and he has a really sweet moment with Nikki Anders. Lindsay and Hannah have very similar moments.
  • -The whole episode is edited to show that Sam is confident in the beginning but he slowly begins to worry. Nikki essentially tells him that he's wonderful in the recording and Sam tries to push emotion throughout the video recording.
  • -Damian mentions that he has to win now for Cameron and gets really worried after the eyebrow situation seen in the previews.
  • -Bottom 3 is Lindsay, Sam, and Alex. Shockingly Damian is safe and so is Hannah.
  • -Lindsay really starts to panic in her prep for her first real Bottom 3 performance.
  • -Lindsay sings "Rolling in the Deep". Ryan says he thinks that Lea Michele might have to watch herself and Lindsay's eyes get scary huge.
  • -Alex is next and sings "I Want to Hold Your Hand". Tells Ryan and the guys about why he broke down earlier and Ryan seems moved but reminds Alex that he's been here quite a bit and isn't too happy with that. 
  • -Sam is last with "Isn't She Lovely?" and it sounds really really good. Zac says that he still doesn't feel like he should've been in the bottom 3 and Ryan smiles and tells him good job but protests that he isn't very relatable. He mentions Alex and Lindsay's performances were at least moving and that he could write for them. Still he states that he's talented and intense and Sam walks off happy but confused.
  • -Bottom 3 list goes up: First shown is Lindsay who is relieved to see she's called back. Camera then does the usual back and forth between Alex (who is convinced he's going home) and Sam, who says he wished he focused more on being relatable. Alex is called back, Sam is not. Sam is visibly stunned.
  • -Sam's "Keep Holding On" is UNREAL. Better than Cameron's whose performance was, up until now, the best.
  • -Four remain: Alex, Damian, Hannah, and Lindsay

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