Ian Brennan Interview with Sky Magazine Italy

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Three Faces of Glee
Glee’s creator Ian Brennan, with a Bohemian look and a jumper even under the sun at the 51st Monte Carlo Festival, talks about the cult series and the concert tour that brought the kids around the world this summer.

The Glee Club
“I was in one during high school, like Ryan Murphy (the co-writer): Kurt is his projection while I took several traits of my friends and mixed them together to write my characters. However I identify with Sue. Writing for her it’s easy: you just have to let your inner demon free.”

The Tour
“The kids are in character even during the shows, so much so that Kevin McHale performs on a wheelchair even though he’s a great dancer: the audience wants to see Rachel, Kurt, Artie… McHale couldn’t ask for something better. He’s sitting comfortably throughout the show!”

The Spin-Off
“I want to do it: we could follow the kids to college, but my dream is to make a spin-off with Santana and Brittany living together in New York.”

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