Kevin McHale, Iqbal Theba and Max Adler at Starfury G1

Monday, August 01, 2011


Iqbal was the first to do the Q&A, not really much to talk about here, he just improvised a few of the Figgins speeches, and someone asked him to do the Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha quote. Max was sat next to the right side of the wall, next to the sound desk (I think, not entirely sure), and kept shouting stuff out.

Basically, no one really asked any questions, but three people went up but I think Iqbal thought they were the camera/sound crew because he didn’t notice them until Max pointed it out much later on.

Because he didn’t get many people asking questions he went around and was talking to fans, asking them how they were, their favourite Glee character - he kept trying to get people to say Figgins - and was generally joking around with them. He did pretty well as he had pretty much nothing to do.

However, he did sing, and he was pretty good! And he also mentioned that he’d like Glee to continue for a long time and said he’d continue as Figgins as long as RIB wanted him.

Anyway, that finished fifteen minutes early, and I got some lunch before the next Q&A.


I’m going to start off by saying how sweet and lovely Max was, I knew he was nice because people had told me, but it doesn’t really give him any justice, he was so kind to everyone, and had the patience of a saint, as some little kids kept asking him similar questions but worded differently.

There’s a lot, so I’m going to bullet point them;
  • There was a Santana and Karofsky kiss during Prom Queen, which was cut, and Max was glad about it, as he said it was out of character and would open up a lot of doors that didn’t need to be opened.
  • Also, after Karofsky slushies Santana, there was a speech by him, that was also cut, which, again, he was glad about as the final transmission keeps the “Daveness”.
  • The rest of his scenes were kept, no others were cut.
  • Max said he liked Blaine & the Warblers, stating he and Darren were good friends and hang out a lot.
  • Max said he loved the Super Bowl episode and was ‘thrilled’ by it.
  • Someone asked about Blainofsky, and he laughed, saying it would be funny storyline to do with Darren.
  • He was touched by the positive response to Never Been Kissed.
  • He mentioned the Pirates, and did a little “Hey Pirates, argh!” (y’know, the pirate groan thing), I don’t know if anyone recorded this. He was also wearing a Pirates badge.
  • Someone asked who he’d like to sing with, and he replied with Darren and the Warblers or Lea.
  • He said he loves Brittany and Sue’s lines.
  • Someone asked who would he do a duet with outside of Glee, and he replied with Beyonce.
  • He tried to read fanfiction once but quickly closed it down.
  • He talked about his mom quite a bit, which was sad.
  • Okay, there was a really random question; “Would you [Max] prefer to be attacked by five duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck”, he replied with the horse-sized duck as it would be easier to keep an eye on one target than several, and he could just slushie it.
  • He also said if he could star on any British show, it would be Skins.
  • And, he said he’s seen pictures of himself that were very ‘accurate’, which everyone laughed at, then he said “Of my face! My face is very accurate! Dirty…”
Max’s Q&A ran on for an extra 5 minutes into the break. I got a drink and bought some photos for the three guests to sign.


Kevin was my favourite guest, I think, he was so funny and relaxed, and had these quick, funny answers. Again, a lot of stuff, so bullet-pointed;
  • Before Kevin came out, they showed his band’s music video, which he was pretty embarrassed about.
  • Someone asked if he’d already signed up to Pottermore, and he didn’t actually know what it was about.
  • He performed the ‘booty pop’.
  • He was asked about McFly and their movie, Just My Luck, he said it was okay, and that McFly’s acting was pretty good.
  • He loves Skins.
  • LXD was mentioned briefly.
  • Again, the duck-horse question was asked again. He said he’d want the duck-sized horses because it was funny, but then changed his mind to the horse-sized duck because it would become his pet and he could ride it and save money on gas; “Imagine seeing a giant duck walking down the freeway!” [Not the exact wording, but close enough.]
  • Someone asked him to attempt a British accent, and he mentioned Phil, which I’m not exactly sure what it is, but it’s something like an alter-ego and cusses a lot, but he couldn’t do it as there were young kids in the audience. Apparently, Amber took a picture of his “Phil-face”, and he catches Lea pulling the face to him during scenes.
  • He attempted the Naya dance… he wasn’t that great at it.
  • He said there’s a video on Mark’s phone of him from the Super Bowl episode in full zombie make-up, and from one angle it looked like he had no nose, so they filmed him doing an impression of Voldemort; “Give me the boy!”, he then continued to do some Voldemort impressions.
  • Someone asked him what Hogwarts house he was in, but last time he answered it he got shouted at by the fan, so he went through each house and decided on the one that got the most cheers; Gryffindor.
  • He said he’s not a great rapper, and said that Empire State of Mind was “meh”.
  • He doesn’t consider himself a nerd.
  • A kid asked him what his superpower would be and he chose invisibility or flying.
  • He rambled a lot.
  • He said that doing Friday was the lowest point on Glee (I think he said in his life, but I’m not sure), but told Rebecca Black about it whilst filming Last Friday Night, and she was super excited about it because she watches Glee.
  • He mentioned something about trolling and the Naya gif. Apparently when the Glee cast first found out what trolling was, they changed lyrics to songs to trolling, and used an example; “They see me trolling…”
  • He tried to get Artie with Mercedes, but Brad Falchuk said it was too obvious.
  • He mentioned to Brad that he realised he was the only one that hadn’t been slushied and a week later it was in the Super Bowl script.
  • He was in excruciating pain when he got slushied, and wanted to go dry off straight away but had to stay because of continuity shots (taking photos of him).
  • Apparently, they had real slushies to begin with in Season 1, then switched to the fake stuff, but then changed back to the real slushies just in time for the Super Bowl episode.
  • Everything is dyed by the slushie apparently. They had to use shaving cream to get it all off

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