Kevin McHale Is A Harry Potter Fanboy

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Did you guys know Glee‘s Kevin McHale is a delight and a half? I found out first hand today when I interviewed him about the new Glee: The 3D Concert Movie and he charmed the pants off of everyone in the room (including me — and I’m in a dress). Did you know Kevin has sparkling blue eyes, as clear as the Mediterranean? Did you know Kevin once appeared on MTV’s TRL with his group NLT? (NBD, obvs.) Did you know Kevin and I are BFFs and I’m totally going to be written onto the next season of Glee, playing a quirky but mega-hot female blogger who steals Artie away from Brittany forever? Okay, so the last part’s not true…YET.

Kevin did tell me that he’s a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and that he’s long dreamed of being in the series. It’ll probably be a bit tricky seeing as the final movie of the franchise premiered last month, but who knows — Maybe JK Rowling will write a new book that involves a bit more song and dance? Watch Kevin get his fan-boy on in the clip above.

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