Lea Michele Heading to a Dentist Appointment in Los Angeles

Sunday, August 21, 2011

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Polishing up her pearly whites, Lea Michele headed to an afternoon dentist appointment in Los Angeles, California on Friday (August 19).

The 24-year-old "Glee" gal looked summer-chic in an airy, white knit sweater, purple skirt and black flip-flops as she kept her million dollar smile in tip-top shape.

Meanwhile, Lea, who has been practicing a vegan lifestyle for a few years, says she can finally dig in to her favorite "meaty" dish again, telling press, "I'm a vegan for many reasons, one being my love of animals. I'm an active member of PETA and I don't wear fur. I've also found sticking to a meat-free diet has given me more energy. My favorite dish has always been lasagna and my mum taught me how to make the vegan version by swapping the beef and cheese for soy and tofu."

Aside from her animal advocacy, Michele says her meat-free diet is also helpful in keeping a fit figure, as she explained, "I believe that what we put into our bodies is important. I became a vegan when I moved to California. I eat a lot, but really well. Every morning, I make a tofu scramble with soy cheese; lunch and dinner is usually a salad, with lots of vegetables, and pasta. I love to cook."

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