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Friday, August 19, 2011

Get excited, Gleeks! To celebrate the release of Glee the 3D Concert Movie - which hits screens TODAY! - we have an extra special treat in store. Earlier this month, MC bagged a chat with Glee girls Naya Rivera and Heather Morris, A.K.A Brittany and Santana, to talk dream songs, record deals and the what the future holds for 'Brittana'...

Q: What are your favourite Brittany-isms and Santana-isms?
Naya: My favourite Santana-isms are actually on the stage when they have the skits after they're done singing. When she gets to respond, and she's like "ok this is actually about me" it's really funny. And from the show? It's so hard! I like when she talks in Spanish, it's hilarious.
Heather: Brittany-isms. Gosh. Obviously in the movie she confuses the word duet with duvet, that's kind of fantastic.
N: And some of them are directed at me which is really fun - like 'dolphins are just gay sharks' obviously that's great, and 'fondue for two'. Fondue for two is the best. I think there was a time when we all thought that every episode should start with fondue for two, because that opening sequence was crazy!

Q: What's been your favourite 'Brittana' moment from the show?N: I'd say the hurt locker scene - that's what our fans call it - when I tell Brittany that I love her. Hurt locker was good.
H: It was really funny. It wasn't like a physical hurt thought. Santana gets hurt at the locker?.N: There is a scene where I fight Lauren [Ashley Fink] though. She kicked my ass - it was nuts! I didn't get hurt, but I did get hurt in my fight with Quinn, funnily enough. With Ashley, she was like "I don't want to hurt her - I'll break her!" We had a stunt co-ordinator and everything!

Q: How much influence do you have on the direction of your characters?
They let us do what we want most of the time. Sometimes the newer directors come beforehand and watch to see how we work - it really depends on the director. Sometimes they'll feed us bits, but you don't always know if they'll let you do what you want - like go on a comedic rant and be yourself - or whether they want you to stick to certain things. Sometimes they let us adlib. We're used to getting scrips day of, so we just give it a go. It's a good exercise for your brain it gives you the - it's almost like an acting exercise and you go to a class and have to do a cold read. You get the script the day of so you cold read.

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Q: Who would you just LOVE to have on the show?
I get asked this question all the time and I never have an answer! I can never narrow it down to just one person, because there I people that I love as artists that maybe wouldn't be right for the show - so it's hard. I would want so many people. I actually like never having a set person in mind, because then we're so surprised when we're told who's coming - we all get star struck. It's like "there?s Kristen Chenoworth, or there's Britney Spears or Patrick Harris."

Q: Talking of Britney, Heather what was it like to work with Ms Spears on the show? Do you like performing the songs live?
It was so surreal because on the day I met her she was wearing the same outfit as me - that cream suit - and she was sitting in front of me and I and I was just like "hi Britney!" She was very sweet. Ryan told me she was coming last war on tour, and he said: "you better take singing lessons!" When I'm performing live I'm not doing thinking of her as my icon. I know I'm singing somebody else's song but it's nice to actually go out there and enjoy it and just perform as myself.

Q: How was filming in New York? Have you got great memories of working there?
Hectic! It was hectic - we were only there for three days. I'd never shot anything in New York and so even the set up was different - your trailers out in the street in the open. The fans were everywhere and very responsive. It was cool to do a song and have them right there watching the process and how we shoot it. It's also moments like that that make you a bit of a recluse - it makes you realise the show's really that big. It's like an out of body experience sometimes.

H: We've had a great reception in the UK. In the daytime shows they're very polite. Obviously it's all families, but by night time they're screaming and having fun. The only difference from the US is the accent!
Naya how does it feel to have a record deal? Any idea when your first release will be?
N: I don't really have a set timeline for when everything's going to come out - but all of this month will be spent working on it, which is very exciting. In the UK I'm taking meetings with writers and some British artists that I?m a fan of. And hopefully if everything goes according to plan I'll at least have one single out this year.

Right now I'm kind of just excited to sit and write and sing and then see what comes out of it. I'm kind of right now open to a lot of things - it's all part of the creative process.

One thing I've learn from the show is how to compartmentalise and juggle tasks. Its good that we've been shooting and then done the tour and the movie. Now I can focus on me and my music, and then we can go back to shooting, and I'll probably lay off of it for a little bit.

Q: What would be your dream song if you could have one song - absolutely anything?
I'm stuck on Daydreamer by Adele right now. I've always been obsessed with it, but I would want somebody else to sing it. I would sing it, but it would never be that good. Where as if I head somebody else sing it like Lea, Naya, Amber - we would hear something different. Something we never hear.

Q: We can' t wait for Glee season 3 - do you know what's in store for Brittany and Santana?
I don't know. I have no idea what their plans for us. I like the way that it's ended up so far - where it's not that easy for Santana. Brittany isn't sure of sexual orientation - she doesn't know. She says that she's bi-curious, and then you have the opposite. of someone like Santana who's come out and now she's there alone, and the reason she wanted to come out is because she thought Brittany would be there with her. It's kind of like a cool dynamic to explore when you have one person that's on the fence and one person that's sure.

H: We also have like six more writers now, so we have a lot more organisation with us. I think we all are looking forward to having more time and planning, because we were getting scripts the day of before, and we didn't really know what we were doing.

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