Mark Salling Reveals His Unique Passion for Birds!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Instead of getting wrapped up in the buzz surrounding Glee’s next season, star Mark Salling opts to spend his time off-screen helping out with animal rehabilitation. On Friday, the 28-year-old spoke to OK! about his unique ornithology hobby.

“I have always been into birds,” Mark gushed to OK! while speaking about the Wildlife Care of Ventura County cause, “I got into bird rehabilitation in Texas and volunteered in the summers at a place called Samuel Farm.”

While the actor spends most days playing high school football player Puck on FOX’s hit show, Mark still sets aside time to raise awareness about his, “passion,” explaining to OK! that “right now it’s a hard time,” for birds.

If his philanthropic efforts aren’t enough to catch the world’s attention, Mark even has a hidden talent up his sleeve that may do the trick.

I know a couple of birdcalls!” Mark confessed to OK! while out at Old Navy’s Lucky Lockerama Back-to-School Season Kickoff event in Burbank.

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