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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Casting Spoiler

I can’t verify these The Glee Project spoilers for this Sunday’s “Believability” episode, but they seem reasonable to me. DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED.

UPDATE: That spoiler person has spoilers for next week’s “Generosity” episode too. If she’s correct, we have the bottom 3 spoiled.

Also, and if this is true, this is absolutely crazy: Lyndsay has been cast as one of the two new “mean girls” TV Line reported recently. She plays “Sheila, a modern-day Joan Jett, actually has her own pack of Blackhearts and the tats to go with ’em.” I don’t know…I guess we’ll see about that.

- There is a Joan Jett-esque character named Sheila joining the cast of Glee in Season 3. This has been confirmed by TVLine. I can confirm that this character is played by Lindsay Pearce and will be introduced in Episode 1. Whether or not she wins the Glee Project though, I still don’t know. The creators have said that if numerous people on the show are good, they’ll consider adding them.

- Defying Gravity is NOT performed in Episode 9, it’s in Episode 10 and is sung by both Lindsay and Hannah. Saw that much in the preview AFTER Episode 9.

Generosity Episode
- Special guest is Kevin McHale
- HMWK song is “Lean On Me”
- Hannah wins the HMWK assignment
- Music Video is “Sing”
- Bottom 3: Damian, Alex, Hannah
- Alex: “Try A Little Tenderness”
- Damian: “Sway” -Hannah: “Get Happy”
- Hannah freaks out and thinks she’s going home after seeing what happened to Sam and Marissa
- Alex is sent home.
- Final 3: Lindsay, Damian and Hannah

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