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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Episode 3x01 will be titled, "The Purple Piano Project," airing SEPT20 and will transition Blaine from Dalton to McKinley

Question: Someone’s been stingy with the Glee scoop of late. And that someone would be you. —Lisa
Ausiello: Someone’s about to make up for lost time. And that someone would be me. I heard through the grapevine — the grapevine in this case being the red carpet at the premiere of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie — that Quinn gets back in touch with her inner bad girl when Season 3 starts. Also, word around town — the town in this case being Westwood, which is where the premiere of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie was held — is that several castmembers will be taking a crash course in tap-dancing in preparation for the Sept. 20 season opener.

@cmstevens77: Are Blaine and Kurt both graduating on Glee? Nobody asked Darren about it this past weekend.
Actually, I did. Kurt (Chris Colfer) is definitely a senior and will be graduating, but Darren Criss says he doesn't know about his character. I told him I'd love Blaine to go with Kurt to Julliard, if that's where he ends up, because we must have Darren Criss on our television sets or I'm pretty sure there will be fan chaos. Darren liked the idea of following his boy to Julliard. So…Ryan Murphy, are you listening? Make it so. Thankssomuchbye.

Eliza in Santa Monica, Calif.: Gimme that Glee, Kristin! 
With all the drama going on behind-the-scenes at Glee, it's easy to forget that some of the kids being seniors is also a good thing. Executive producer Brad Falchuck is excited to flesh out those storylines. "I think the story of the last year of school, senior year, can be really meaningful to people," he tells us. "We've always liked to explore how your high school experience represents the rest of your life. And so I think that's really what we're going to be gunning towards."

Will Finn and Rachel be happy when Glee returns? — Joshua
NATALIE: Yes! "You pick up with them as a couple," Lea Michele tells us. "I have a feeling that they're just going to be settled this year. They did talk a lot about Rachel in the final episode of last season, of her wanting to go to New York and not knowing where he's going to go, so I think that's going to be a lot of the issues between them this year, and not so much of the Rachel/Puck and Finn/Quinn stuff." Gearing up for a possible career on New York City's Great White Way, Rachel will join the school musical this season.

Glee | Brittany S. Pierce, what did you do over summer vacation? Heather Morris stops to think a moment before serving up a very Britty answer: “She went into the Matrix.” And that seems about right. Having only spied the premiere script, Morris doesn’t have much intel to share about Season 3, other than “Brittany wants Artie back” — which she sees as a good thing, since “everybody really wants them together.” Well, everybody “except Santana,” she points out. “But Brittany is real, so she’ll do what she wants to do.” Does that mean “Brittana” is finito for, like, forever? “Probably,” Morris reckons. “The writers may play with it a little bit more – but maybe not.” Regardless, the bi-curious/lesbian storyline did some good while it lasted. “Before the tour, I met some girls who told me how appreciative they were, because they were going through that themselves,” Morris shares. “It was nice to hear that we did something for them.”

Is there any truth to the rumor that GLEE is going back to its first season roots this year? — Drew
The TV Addict: Indeed there is. So much so that fans will be thrilled to discover that when GLEE returns for its much-anticipated third season this Tuesday September 20th at 8PM on FOX, it will do so in a very familiar fashion. Teased Lea Michele during last week’s FOX TCA Party, “This is the only top secret information that I can give you. I was really hoping that in this upcoming season I would get no slushies, no mess and whatever and then… like page two of script one I’m already a mess! Obviously they’re doing it on the first script because we’re coming back from the break happy and well rested. Had they put that in mid season we all would definitely have said no, I’m not looking forward to that.”

Any Glee-scoop would be much appreciated! -- Becks
Remember Tina's random crying scenes last season? There's probably more on the way as Tina and Mike Chang will deal with being a year apart. Mike's thinking about graduation, while Tina, a junior, is stuck in school one more year. At the Glee 3-D movie premiere in Los Angeles, Jenna Ushkowitz contemplated the possible drama and her reaction to seeing some of her fellow cast members don their cap and gowns. "I don't even want to think about it. I will cry so hard. Those are my best friends," she says. "Right now we're just trying to get through 22 episodes. That's so far in the future for us."

Will Glee be revisiting the Puck/Quinn storyline as Shelby is returning?
Based on this bit of casting info, I’d say definitely! Glee is looking for twin blonde baby girls to be “very, very featured extras.” Who thinks baby Beth will finally be seen again? Um, we do! And if the love child of Puck (Mark Salling) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) is coming around, it’s pretty safe to say that that the couple formerly known as Quick might be having a “remember when we had a kid?” conversation.

  • Sue has a scene where she tries to get a purple piano removed from a room.
  • A school musical plotline will begin the first episode.
  • HeMo said: "We are back on the cheerios"
  • SONG SPOILER: It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones. Sung by Blaine with Cheerios.
  • Quinn, Puck, Rachel, Santana Finn will be graduating this season.
  • Part 1 will have 10 episodes. Meaning Part 2 must have 12 episodes.
  • Mike, Tina and Mercedes have been confirmed to be getting at least one song to themselves in series 3.
  • Brittany is pulling straight F's, and in season 3 she may be a Junior again, or she may be a Senior twice.
  • Ryan Murphy wants to write an episode about one of the 'shocking' issues revealed in the 3rd episode of the Glee Project. Its assumed that this is either Marissa's anorexia or Emily's being 'used sexually' by people in the industry.
  • The first episode has a Kurt and Blaine scene at the Lima Bean,a choir room scene, a Quinn and Rachel scene, and a Will/Emma/Beiste scene.
  • Coach Beiste will be back next season.
  • We will meet Mike's parents.
  • Coach Sue is running for Congress. "She doesn't just wanna end the glee club. She wants to end all glee clubs." Her platform is 'No arts in schools.' 
  • Tina and Artie will not be getting back together. 
  • Tina is junior and will not be graduating in season 3.
  • The Puck/Quinn storyline is going to get complicated when Shelby comes back
  • Quinn will get back in-touch with her bad-girl side at the beginning of season 3. It likely involves Quinn her hair pink.
  • The premiere may involve tap dancing. (Several castmembers are taking a crash-course in tap dancing
  • As she revealed on Twitter, Lea Michele is shooting a scene with Chris Colfer in Emma's office.
  • Lea Michele has revealed that she is doing alot of scenes with Chris Colfer and Darren Criss (Kurt and Blaine Respectivley) and that Rachel is going to be in the school musical aswell as her performing more broadway songs.
  • Mike & Tina: As you've probably heard, we're going to meet Mike's parents this season! "We're going to see how they feel about Tina not being in a traditional Asian family, because she was adopted," says Jenna Ushkowitz. There are also tentative plans to meet Tina's family this season. Ushkowitz says she'd love Grey's Anatomy's Sandra Oh to guest-star as a relative.
  • More Tina & Mike: According to Tina’s portrayer Jenna Ushkowitz, she’s a junior. Her boyfriend Mike Chang, however, is a senior — and that could cause some problems for the couple. “I’m definitely excited to see a little bit of conflict,” says Ushkowitz. “I’m excited to see how they deal with that.”
  • Santana: Santana is made captain of the Cheerios, but she’s a little bent out of shape when Sue informs her that she’s got a co-captain — and that person’s not too keen on sharing either.
  • Kurt and Blaine: Kurt spends a decent portion of the season premiere urging his teenage dream to transfer to McKinley. Given Darren Criss’ new series regular status, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Blaine gives into the pressure.

New Characters

1 LaMarcus Tinker — best known for his role as Luke’s BFF Dallas on Friday Night Lights — is joining the cast as Marcus, a massive linebacker for the McKinley Titans and a love interest for Amber Riley’s lovelorn diva. FOLLOW LaMarcus Tinker @LaMarcusTinker

- He's a lineman at the football team
- He's gonna shoot a scene with Max Adler soon (updated 8/15)

2 Sugar is… well, she’s basically RHNJ’s Danielle Staub, only in high school. Affluent, self-confident and a godawful singer. FOLLOW Vanessa Lengies @littlelengies

Jane on Sugar: "I will interact with Vanessa [Lengies]. She plays Sugar Manta. She's hilarious! I heard her recording today and saw her perform it. Ah-ooh. That's all I'm gonna say. Ah-ooh."
- Dante says of Vanessa: "There is a definite surprise twist to her character, but I don't want to spoil it. It's good."

3 Sheila, a modern-day Joan Jett, actually has her own pack of Blackhearts and the tats to go with ’em. NO INFORMATION YET

4 The winner of the Glee Project will be introduced in this episode and will audition for New Directions in a new and unusual way. WILL BE REVEALED NEXT SUNDAY  (updated 8/15)
- Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the role from The Glee Project will be based on that person, their life and their experiences.
- The winner of the Glee Project might be part of the second generation instead of just receiving a 7+ episode arc.
- The winner of the Glee Project has been described as 'funny' and fills a niche that the writers had not thought of.
- The winner of the Glee Project will become Sue's new archnemesis and a reason for her to stay at McKinley despite running for Congress. According to Ryan Murphy, the winner is not who everyone seems to think will win.
- The Winner has been described as having the same amount of star potential as Rachel, Kurt and Blaine.

5 Shelby will return in the second episode. 
Follow Idina Menzel @idinamenzel
- Idina is scheduled to film atleast until November.

6 Tests are also being conducted with actresses with 60 years old to play Nancy Bletheim, a geometry teacher who thinks that art belongs to... anywhere except school.


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Glee is looking for twin blonde baby girls to be “very, very featured extras.” Who thinks baby Beth will finally be seen again? Um, we do!

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