Spoiler Chat Time

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

rrrrrrroxanne: Is it true that Blaine will be joining the New Directions? #GLEE
Let’s just say Darren Criss has already been spotted at McKinley High with his boy Kurt (Chris Colfer) not in his Dalton uniform. First step transfer. Next step…New Directions!

redfox1998: any wemma scoop will do…seriously….anything you’ve got.
Er, call this scoop Wemma-adjacent. Flashback time! Glee is looking for someone to play a young Emma (Jayma Mays). It’ll probably be a quick flashback, because this Emma won’t have any lines. Maybe we’ll finally get some insight into why Emma is the way she is. How about this for some speculation (you know how we love to do that): Emma is spilling to Will (Matthew Morrison) about her past. She cries. He cries. They hug and kiss. Then get married. The end!

MamatoMicah: We haven’t heard anything about Finn in season 3! I want to make sure Cory’s cute mug keeps gracing my TV!
Don’t worry, Cory Monteith’s cute mug isn’t going anywhere! He’s one-half of one of the most fan-obsessed couples on TV right now! But what’s even better news is the fact that we hear he’ll be getting lots of solo storylines…meaning stuff that has to do with being just Finn, and not half of Finchel.

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