3x03 Description

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Mike is under pressure to quit New Directions; Rachel and Mercedes face-off for the lead in the school play with unforeseen results; the campaign for class President gets a new candidate; and Will worries that Emma is embarrassed by him.

After Mike Chang scores an A- (otherwise known as an “Asian F”) on a chemistry test, his father orders him to drop out of New Directions to focus on academics; the edict forces the young performer to choose between pleasing his parents or staying true to his dreams. Following some encouragement from her new boyfriend (Shane), a confident Mercedes delivers a phenomenal audition for the part of “Maria”; forcing a head-to-head callback against previous favorite Rachel to determine who will get the prized role. Brittany enters the race for senior class President, and proves a formidable opponent. When a worried Will wonders why Emma has yet to introduce him to her parents, Coach Beiste encourages him to take the initiative.

As Mike struggles to choose his life-path, he gets surprising support from an unexpected source. Unable to reach an agreement on casting, the directors of the school play make a compromise they hope will please everyone; unfortunately their actions have the opposite result, forcing one member of Glee Club to make a shocking announcement.
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