Amber Riley Teases a Different Mercedes, and New Musical Direction in Season 3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brassy, big-voiced Mercedes Jones spent much of Glee‘s second season in “Hell to the No” mode, but according to Amber Riley, the show’s latest crop of episodes will find her singing a more tender tune.

“Mercedes is actually going to be shown in a different light for once. She has a relationship, and you’re going to see a softer side of her,” Riley revealed at Fox’s fall kickoff party. “She’s very lovey-dovey. It’s kind of like, ‘Oh my God? Is this Mercedes?!’ She dresses different. She’s girlier now.

As previously reported by TVLine, Glee has cast Cougar Town‘s Lamarcus Tinker as Mercedes’ love interest, a lineman for the McKinley Titans named Marcus. But Riley said she’s not certain whether there’s a duet in the couple’s future. “I don’t know if LaMarcus can sing or not,” she explained. “I never asked.”

Of course, when Gleeks last saw Mercedes, she was surreptitiously holding hands with Sam (Chord Overstreet) in the Season 2 finale — a romantic pairing that took Riley by surprise at the time. “We found out about that two days before it happened, so we were like, ‘Oh, Sam and Mercedes are going to be together. OK. Cool.’”

Since that revelation, however, Overstreet went through a rather public breakup with Glee, which begs the question: Will the demise of Samcedes be addressed? “Yeah, it is,” hinted Riley, though when asked for further explanation, she stayed tight-lipped. “Hmm,” Riley added with a laugh. “It’s addressed.”

Riley was a little more forthcoming about the musical direction of Glee‘s third season. “We’re doing a lot more Broadway songs this season. The first couple episodes are very, very Broadway.”

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