Cory Monteith Bailing on Glee?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Cory Monteith is “bringing the drama to the Glee,” according toStar magazine, which claims he “wants out!”

The tabloid’s so-called “insider” says the actor’s been “complaining about long hours, inadequate pay and miserable working conditions,” and it could mean an early exit from the series.

Star’s sources allege that “Cory’s days are numbered,” especially after “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy supposedly failed to make Monteith happy by cutting back on the cast’s work hours.

[Show execs] feel like there’s no pleasing Cory. The smart money says that not only will Cory not be back next season, but he might not even finish this one,” claims the mag’s source.

But while Monteith (along with co-stars Chris Colfer and Lea Michele) has been the subject of much post-Season 3 speculation, there is not any on-set “drama,” and Monteith will not be bailing on the show mid-season.

A source close to Monteith tells Gossip Cop the Star report is a fabrication “not based in reality.”
Real or Rumor?

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