EW Casting Scoop: Time to Add a New Hottie?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It’s not enough that Glee fans are dying to know how Ryan Murphy will incorporate the victor(s) from The Glee Project into the show this season. Now comes word that the uber-writer-producer wants to add another looker to the already attractive cast!

EW just got a peek at the latest casting call for the drama, which will begin its fourth season on Sept. 20: “Young man 18 and over to play 17. He is extremely handsome. Must be an excellent singer. HUGE guest star, MAJOR recurring role.” Is Murphy about to top last season’s addition of Darren Criss? Stay tuned!

That’s not all: Looks like someone’s about to get a recruitment letter to play ball. (Hmm, wonder who THAT could be?) Murphy also wants a 30-something man to play Johnny, a “tall big dude who is an Ohio State football recruiter.” This, too, will be a major recurring role.

Glee already plans to introduce lots of new faces this year, including new parents for Mike Chang and a boyfriend for Mercedes. Don Most (Happy Days) and Valerie Mahaffey (United States of Tara) also signed on as Emma Pillsbury’s ma and pa.

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