Give Me My Remote Reviews 'Asian F': SPOILERS!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Two words – Mike Chang.
Yes, the man formerly known as “Other Asian” is coming out in a big way in next week’s episode of GLEE. (Oh calm yourself Klaine fans, I didn’t mean coming out in that way.)
I got an early look at next week’s episode of GLEE entitled “Asian F”. I thought I would share a few teasers to hold you over until Tuesday. I feel like I’ve seen so many spoilers out there already, that I’m not sure if much of anything I have to say will be new, but I figure it will be for some, right?
As always, a reminder that I’m teasing and not spoiling. Not to say you won’t be spoiled, so stay away if you would rather not know anything…which despite this post I would encourage you all to do. Don’t read any further and just wait to see the ep for yourself on Tuesday.
But for those of you who need a fix, here we go…

  • It’s Friday, so by now I’m assuming most of you have heard most of the music from next Tuesday’s episode. If not, they are definitely available to check out online.  Lots of music in this week’s ep, especially given that we only got three songs last week.  I can’t say I was overly ecstatic about any of the musical numbers. The powerhouse diva off between Rachel and Mercedes is great, but I’ve heard them better together in the past. Maybe it’s just me.
  • Mike Chang Jr. has his own solo this week. Just Mike singing and no one else…and it’s great. The perfect song for Harry Shum Jr. Not only that, he has a featured solo in another group number. Besides showing off his singing talents, we obviously get to see him beautiful dance moves. More than we ever have before…probably much to the dismay of his father. Go MIKE!
  • I feel like I should hide underground somewhere after saying this, but one of the group numbers features what I think is the single worst Kurt Hummel/Chris Colfer moment in the history of GLEE. I love all things Colfer, but I have to be honest and say it made me absolutely cringe. It just wasn’t right in any aspect.  And the same group number was one of the weaker GLEE musical moments ever. It wasn’t “Run Joey Run” but it didn’t work for me.  Yet others who have seen the show loved it, so there.
  • This week we’re going to see some classic S1 Rachel Berry bulls#!t. Kurt calls her out on her behavior, but in a lesser way, so does Finn.  Expect some Finchel tension. Don’t start burning down Ryan Murphy’s house just yet (besides the “Junior Blainers” probably still have that blaze in full swing). Despite their tiff, I don’t think this is cause for panic by any means. But don’t expect things to be resolved by the end of the episode.
  • We’re going to meet Emma’s parents. And sadly the majority of you watching won’t even recognize her dad as Ralph Malph. This breaks my heart. While one aspect of her parent’s visit makes for a great bit of story (including Will sticking up for his lady in a kind of awesome way), the other part of her parents arc is so annoyingly foolish. I think the writers were trying to be overly cute, but it didn’t work and it just came off as lame.
  • If you listen to the next TV Talk Podcast you’ll hear me say this there too, but I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to see Mercedes in the same way after this episode.  Not sure what they could possibly do to redeem her in my eyes.  I really wanted nothing to do with her by the end of the episode. Oh Mercedes!
  • The ever-revolving door of New Directions is back as a plot device. It’s like tag team wrestling over there. Or better yet, perhaps PROJECT RUNWAY – “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” So who is out this week? I bet you can guess.
  • The cast list of “West Side Story” is revealed. Well kind of.  WSS has a huge cast, but the only list that goes up are for the parts landed by the ND kids. Not everyone is happy about the role they landed…including the lady who landed the part of Maria.
  • Despite last week’s emotional ending, Kurt and Blaine seem to be doing ok. I wanted to squash their adorableness. Can’t stand it how cute they are! Since I know it’s been on everyone’s mind, I will tell you that Kurt does something sweet for the younger man in his life.  As Blaine tells him “You always zig when I think you’re about to zag.” …in bed!  Oh, I’m kidding. More on this particular scene is discussed in our podcast. Too much to go in to here, but Dan and I saw a tiny little element of the Klaine scene a bit differently this week.
  • For those of you who are Darren Criss fans, don’t get your hopes up about seeing too much of Harry Freakin’ Potter this week. DC was in NYC filming “Imogene” against his on-screen love interest, Kristin Wiig, for most of this episode. You’ll see him lurking in this background from time to time, but noticeably absent from some New Directions gatherings.
  • Despite a heavy Quinn/Puck/Shelby episode this week, don’t expect much from any of them. Oh GLEE.
  • I was kind of rough on Kurt last week in my “I Am Unicorn” recap, but this week I felt for him a bit more. Seems every time he turns around, he’s competing against someone he cares about.  This week another one of his friends enters the shark infested political waters of the McKinley High presidential race.
  • Brittany S. Pearce is hot! (Not a teaser, a fact!)
Everyone will have their own opinion on the episode. I didn’t like it nearly as much as Kristin Dos Santos and Michael Ausiello did. I didn’t hate the episode, but I just wasn’t as excited as I was after watching the first two eps of this season. “Asian F” is a lot heavier. I sometime like my GLEE with a bit more energy and spunk.

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