Exclusive: Kevin McHale Q&A on filming Glee, traveling & more!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kevin McHale, also known as Glee‘s Artie Abrams, has answered your questions in his exclusive Q&A with! He talks about what it was like filming Glee in NYC, his traveling experiences, if a solo album is in his future, and the most amusing thing he’s found while trolling the Tumblrverse. Enjoy!

Q: “What was your favorite part of shooting in NYC?” – Ellen H. (18, New York)
A: Seeing so many of the fans come to out to watch us. It was really insane and I didn’t expect it at all. Our trailers were on the side of the street, so you can’t really block people off, so it was intense to walk out of your door and have tons of people right there!

Q: “How did you feel about coming to Melbourne in July this year?” – Natasha S. (18, Melbourne, Australia)
A: I absolutely love Melbourne! It’s definitely one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. The food is amazing and (not to sound too superficial) but it has the most beautiful people, haha.

Q: “Would you ever consider doing a solo album sometime in the future?” – Fatima M. (16, Dubai)
A: I think if I had the right songs that I was really proud of and naturally felt like the right time, I don’t see why not. It’s all about the songs though. I want to do something I’m happy with, and I’m super critical so it’s a challenge.

Q: “What has been the best advice ever given to you?” – Kat V. (14, Manila, Philippines)
A: It’s not real advice as much as it is a saying from my sister, and I’m pretty sure she stole it from Oprah. “Luck is being prepared at the right moment,” which means always be prepared because you never know when that time will be!

Q: “Has there been a particular moment where the extent of Glee‘s fame has really ‘hit you’?” – Lauren B. (Sunshine Coast, Australia)
A: There are really 2 moments:
1) During the first tour at Radio City Music Hall and having so many people barricaded outside the stage door. It was definitely a Beatles moment.
2) My brother Timmy who was going to uni in England when the show started airing in the US and had been watching it online and had no idea that the show was as successful as it was. So, when I went over to London last summer for the first time, he was laughing at why Fox had given us security and vans to travel in. Granted, he’s 6’3″ and I’m not even 5’8″, so he felt odd that his little brother would need that, and so did I. As soon as we left the hotel for the first, time I started getting recognized and stopped and then more and more people came up and eventually camped outside the hotel. He was so freaked out because he had never seen it, and for me that was one of the coolest things, to be able to go to a place I had always dreamed of going, and to have people who know who I was AND to see my brother’s reaction was priceless.

Q: “Although your character is in a wheelchair, we know in real life are amazing dancer. Who is your dance inspiration and why?” – Missy S. (13, Las Vegas, Nevada)
A: MJ [Michael Jackson] is obvious, I know, but it’s so much more than just how great of a dancer he was. It was what he did to popular music and stage shows. He did things that no one had ever done on that scale, and was so dedicated. I remember years ago someone telling me how he would spend 8 hours in a dance working on a single spin. That’s perfection.

Q: “Which Glee character describes you the best, back when you were in high school? – Lissie L. (21, Singapore)
A: I think I have to say Artie. I was more of a clown than he was, but he gets along with everyone, and so did I. He and I don’t ever get involved in too much conflict. I think the biggest thing is our love for singing and doing it regardless of what people think, and that I’m proud of!

Q: “Which of the McKinley High students on the show would have been your high school friends in real life?” – Simona R. (21, Bucharest, Romania)
A: Hmm… This is hard! I had the most random group of friends. I think I’d say all of New Directions. Everyone is so different, and it just brings a great dynamic to a group of friends.

Q: “Who out of the Glee cast would you choose to:
a. Have a paint ball fight with?
b. Write a novel with?
c. Challenge to a battle of wits?"
- Eleanor O. (19, Melbourne, Australia)

A: a. Cory [Monteith]
b. Chris [Colfer]
C. Jayma [Mays]

Q: “If you could star in a movie adaptation of any book, which would you choose and what character would you play?” – Lauren B. (Sunshine Coast, Australia)
A: I always had this dream about making the book The Transall Saga into a movie, so I’d say that, and I’d play the main guy!

Q: “If you got the chance to sing any song/artist you wanted, which one would you choose and why?” – Tori L. (19, Virginia Beach)
A: I have an internal debate between some Temptations songs, The Script, and “Let Me Love You” by Mario.

Q: “Your plane crashes on the island from LOST. Which three cast members would you want with you?” – Emily S. (Richmond, Virginia)
A: Harry, because I feel like he could have us rescued in minutes, and Jenna and Naya, because I feel like they would be really fearless. I’d be useless.

Q: “With the hectic schedule that you keep between shooting the show and now the tour, what do you like to do in your down time?" – Laura S. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
A: I hang with friends most of the time, from Glee and outside of Glee. In the summer I love to swim, so I’ll be in the pool or ocean as much as possible!

Q: “Where do you see Artie after graduation? What would you like to see him doing?” – Brittany H. (20, Melrose, Florida)
A: I think he may turn into an amazing director! I mean he killed the “Vogue” video, haha.

Q: “What are the most amusing things you’ve found on Tumblr while trolling?” – Nikki (20, Metro Manila, Philippines)
A: Some of the picture collages of my derp face. Not embarrassing at all.

Q: “What have you learned most from/gained being a part of the Glee cast?” - Erik S. (18, Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
A: How special of a ride and opportunity this show is. I get to do exactly what I love with the best friends I’ve ever had. Hard work and persistence pays off!

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