#GLEESeason3 The Battle for the School Musical Begins!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Battle for the School Musical Begins

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Dot Marie Jones tell THR that the competition for the lead roles could be "dangerous" for some. 

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) have both vowed to return to New York and to do so, the Broadway buffs are going to have to start bulking up on their stage work if their ultimate plan is return to the city after their impending graduation.

While much of the upcoming season will focus on McKinley High’s seniors pondering what their plans are post-graduation, Michele told The Hollywood Reporter that Rachel will put “all of her energy” toward returning to New York, and that will include competing for the female lead in the school musical.
“[Rachel is] vying for the lead in the school musical and she has a little competition with Mercedes (Amber Riley),” Michele told THR at Monday’s Fox fall launch party in Culver City.
While the cast was mum on just what show McKinley High would be staging, Michele said it’s a “classic Broadway musical with one female lead and one male lead,” that, according to Harry Shum Jr., everyone auditions for.

Meanwhile, the play’s co-directors – Emma, Artie and Coach Beiste – will have to contend with a three-way battle for the male lead when Kurt, Finn and Blaine all audition, Michele offered.

While Jones noted that the three co-directors “take their jobs very seriously” and will hold auditions and call-backs, Colfer told THR that Kurt would be trying his best to win the lead.
“It wouldn’t be Kurt without a big huge musical number that includes dangerous effects,” Colfer said. “He definitely tries his hardest to persuade them that he can be this role.”
Colfer noted that regardless of if Kurt lands the role or not, Colfer noted that the audition process could see Kurt battling what it means to be typecast. “It’s a really interesting learning process that he goes through, learning that people can’t see him as anything but him.”

With Blaine among those auditioning for the McKinley play, does this mean that the Head Warbler’s transfer from Dalton is official? Maybe. “It could be the first episode, it could be the second but it could be the last,” Colfer teased. “I’m pretty sure, yes [Blaine will be at McKinley].

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