Idina Menzel Talks Glee

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last night marked your return to GLEE. What's in store for Shelby Corcoran this season?
Shelby's returning to explore her relationship with her daughter and to confront some of the issues she has with Puck and Quinn, because, as people might remember, I adopted their little girl. I really work hard at regaining Rachel's trust and also want to give Quinn and Puck a chance to be a part of their daughter's life. And I get to sing great duets with Lea [Michele] obviously.

What do you hope to see happen?
I hope that Shelby gets her own Broadway show! They do Gypsy and I play Rose and Lea can play Louise. We both go to New York and get cast in Gypsy together. I'm totally making this up, I have no idea.

If you could sing any song on GLEE, what would you choose?
I'd love to sing some Whitney Houston! I'd like to do some classic Whitney.

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