Lea Michele Teases Season 3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The GLEE season premiere is less than a week away!

To celebrate the occasion, Give Me My Remote got a few quick minutes with Lea Michele earlier this week to see what she could dish about Rachel’s storyline in season 3…

With Rachel getting ready to graduate, what is her main goal for this year and this season?
Lea Michele: To get into the college of her dreams. It’s in New York, yeah.

And with the arrival of the new glee club, what is that going to mean for Rachel?
LM: The new glee club?

I’ve heard there is a second glee club forming at their high school…
LM: Oh, yes, Shelby’s creating another glee club. My storyline hasn’t kind of connected to that yet, but I know some of the other characters, it has. My storyline is sort of separate from that.

Have there been any Rachel-Shelby scenes so far?
LM: Yeah, but as my mother, [but] not involved it that [second glee club] storyline.

Before I let you go, what can you tease about what’s going on with Rachel and Finn? Fans love those two together!
LM: Yeah, we’re great. We’re happy. I love talking about it like it’s my relationship. We’re going strong, and you know, we’re just at this point a solid couple. I think the drama is gone and now we’re just, you know, together, which is really nice.

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