More 3x01 Spoilers.. Who is "Sheila"?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

3x01 Spoilers:
- There is no Sheila. For all intents and purposes, Quinn is “Sheila.”
- Yes, you see Quinn smoking.
- Sam gets the Matt Rutherford treatment.
- There is no one “Glee club reacting to Quinn” shot, but they’ve obviously seen her and talk about her. Santana has the best line about it only being a matter of time before Quinn snapped. 
- If this was your first episode of Glee, you wouldn’t know Brittana was a “thing.”
- Santana is NOT mean to Becky.
- The “A” story is a combination of the club’s recruiting attempts as well as a new way to support the LGBT community.

Other news, the football team has been filming scenes:
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