More 3x03 Bits From @NotYerAvgChick

Friday, September 30, 2011

  • No Klaine song
  • Santana is going to be involved in WSS
  • No Klaine hug (except now she's saying she didn't say that?)
  • Plenty of Wemma scenes
  • No Tina/Artie interaction
  • The flowers scene is the only Klaine scene in the ep
  • Will is singing Fix You to Emma
  • No ily between Kurt and Blaine
  • Asian F is Quick-free except for the exchange in the promo
  • No Wemma kissing
  • Nothing about Finn
  • "VERY small Finchel"
  • Kurt gives Blaine the flowers
  • Young Emma flashback
  • Beiste says she cried when Ace of Cakes went off air
  • Quinn has no role in ep
  • Santana sings during this ep
  • There is more Santana than just in "Run The World"
  • We find out who plays Tony
  • Not many Kurt scenes
  • Tina isn't in scenes with Mike's family
  • No Sugar
  • When asked about Mercedes, she said "be afraid :("
  • No Quinn/Rachel interaction
  • Quinn is in RTW
  • No Kurt/Quinn interaction
  • Fix You starts off as a one person singing to another and becomes a group number

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