Naya Rivera Looks Forward to Her Character’s Changes! Senior Year, baby!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Naya Rivera, who plays somewhat satanic Santana Lopez, confirmed to the Herald that her character will be a senior.
“You remember being a senior. It’s the best time,” she said.

Does that mean Santana — and Rivera — will be leaving McKinley High at the end of the season?”
“I assume so, because that’s what happens in high school, but I don’t know what (the producers) could do,” she said.

Last season, Rivera saw her character do something she didn’t think was possible.
“I never thought she would shed a tear, let alone a lot of tears,” Rivera said recently in Los Angeles.

Santana’s watershed moment: Realizing she was in love with best friend Brittany (Heather Morris). Brittany, however, didn’t feel the same way.

Producers discussed the story with Rivera before writing it so she would be prepared.
“I was really excited because it gave me a chance to delve into the dramatic side of her,” she said. “It was a challenge to myself to see if I could do that.”

While on tour with the “Glee” cast this summer, Rivera heard from many fans who identified with Santana’s plight.
“Everybody really loved the story line and gravitated toward it,” she said. “It was relatable. I would meet a lot of teenage girls that were going through the same things and they would thank me. I didn’t ever think that that would be something that I would be responsible for, so it’s good.”

Santana is known for her ruthless comments and her take-no-prisoners attitude.
“I base her on myself,” she said. “I’m not like her. But you can get that mad and you can get that angry. So I take those moments when I have been a little out of control and I just magnify them.”

The California native, who began acting professionally when she was 4, is not sure whether Santana will continue to pursue a relationship with Brittany.
“Either way they chose to go with it is fine with me,” she said. “And I’m sure it will be great because there’s different things to explore in each direction so I don’t really have a preference. I would just like to see Santana have a relationship, period. Who with, I don’t know.

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