Possible Spoilers: 3x04 - Mentions of Klaine, Britanna and Damian McGinty’s Character Rory

Sunday, September 04, 2011

The unconfirmed rumor about Chris and Darren filming a Klaine fight scene yesterday is true. It’s comical, so don’t worry. Think back to Tina and Mike’s argument in Duets. Speaking of duets, that is sort of what Kurt and Blaine’s fight is about. Similarly to 2x04, pairs will be dueting, only this time the numbers are diva offs, therefore partners will be competing against each other. I’m not sure if there’s a prize or not, a la last years Breadstix certificate. The only duos I know of are Kurt and Blaine, Rachel and Mercedes and Santana and Rory. Here’s what I know about each pairing: 

Klaine’s fight starts when Kurt and Blaine start “politely” hinting to each other that “when—ahem, if “ they lose, “it will be okay.” Then they realize that they both think the other doesn’t stand a chance against them. There’s more to it, but you get the essence of it. At one point one of them tells the other to “bring it on.” 

Rachel and Mercedes are singing a Broadway song. (old)

Santana and Rory are going to bump heads over Brittany who Santana still has feelings for and thinks Rory is out to steal from her. She makes it very clear to the New Directions (Brittany and Rory especially) that she isn’t happy with “Ireland’s” arrangements to stay at the Pierce household.
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