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Saturday, September 03, 2011

You're massive stars now, how does that feel?
Chris Colfer: I think we're too busy to feel famous.

Lea Michelle: [Laughs loudly] I think we should make that a T-Shirt! they could sell it at Urban Outfitters!

CC: It's because we're working constantly.

LM: We haven't had a hiatus since we started the show. For the first year it was signing tours, now we're on concert tours so we literally have been non-stop, with maybe a few weeks here or there for a holiday break or a summer break. We're constantly in a Glee bubble. It's when we have those breaks and we go out that we feel the effects that our show’s having on the world. And when we do things like singing for President Obama at the White House, those are moments when you go ‘Holy ___!’ But 95 per cent of the time we are on set working with each other and we really don't get to feel the enormity of Glee.

It’s a brand new term at McKinley High. Last year you had Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney Spears. Who is joining Glee Club this year?
CC: No idea, but I’ve been submitting storylines!

LM: I loved the Kurt and Rachel storyline, I have had so much fun working with Chris so if that were to continue in the third season I would be just so happy.

CC: I hope we break into another theatre, that was fun!

LM: Yes!

Will you be upset if Rachel Berry isn’t a big star at the end?
LM: I definitely see Rachel going to New York and going to a musical theatre college. Past that point? Sort of undetermined…but she obviously has the potential.

Do you think we will see Rachel’s gay dads this season?
LM: I’m hoping, I really am hoping, but I think what would be really smart is if at the end of the season when we are at our big competition, if she’s just taking a bow, she waves and it’s Elton John and someone incredibly famous. Two people and then that’s it, you never see them again.

What about Barbra Streisand, would you love her to cameo?
LM: We just had [Broadway star] Patti LuPone on Glee which was insane, but when I met Barbra Streisand in real life it was too much to handle – it was just so incredible that I was glad it only lasted ten seconds because after that I probably would have been face down on the ground! I can’t even imagine if I did that, what Rachel Berry would do!

Chris what was your ‘Barbra’ moment? Was it meeting Lady Gaga?
CC: [Laughs] No, because every time I meet Lady Gaga I embarrass myself so much.


CC: Lea was there and she may recall… I bowed.

LM: He did curtsy.

CC: I bowed, I bowed to Lady Gaga.

LM: It was when we were at the White House…

CC: Oh I remember, I said, ‘No-one new has talent but you!’

LM and CC: No-one has talent but you, none of the new artists’!

LM: Yeah and I stood there and laughed, then looked at her and she looked at me like I was crazy, then that was it.

CC: I’m not good at meeting people.

Do you have a wish list of people that you would like on the show?
CC: I want Julie Andrews to play my grandmother. I think it could happen!
Of course, you starred in a version of The Sound of Music didn’t you?

CC: I did, yes. That’s why they called me Kurt, because I played Kurt in The Sound of Music.
Lea, who would you like?

LM: You know it’s the same thing when people ask me what songs I want to sing; I love being surprised, I love hearing, ‘oh Gwyneth Paltrow is going to be on next episode’ and then you know, I pee my pants. I like being surprised because it’s so much more fun.

What about show tunes, do you want more or are you tired of them?
LM & CC: More show tunes!

CC: Because that's all I can do! [laughs]

LM: That's not true!

LM: I just love it, I just love it, its just so amazing. We get to sing these amazing Broadway songs.

CC: The bigger, the more female, the better I say.

LM: I couldn’t agree more.

So season 3 is probably going to be your last season?
CC: Well we got to graduate right?

Obviously the kids have to graduate at some point. Some of you could stay back if you fail…
LM: Lets fail! Lets do really bad in school.

CC: I know!

Do you think Brittany will still be around?
CC: Oh she'll still be around! She'll be around forever.

LM: Puck might too. I feel Puck might already be in his 30s! He's not like us!

CC: Well legally you can't be in school in the States in your 30s. Once you are 25 you have to get out, because some people have been held back till they are 25.

LM: What? You can be held back legally until you're 25? That’s fantastic!

You'll need to get rid of Finn then?
LM: Oh I can't do that...

So have you been thinking about the future post season 3, your Glee-dom?
LM: I think that Chris and I have really loved this experience so much, everything has gone so fast, to hear the word graduation is so unbelievable at this point, but obviously its inevitable…
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