SPOILER ALERT: Michael Ausiello Watching Asian F

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

@SissiCuddles Fantastic scene with Will/Emma at home at top of the episode. He shows her his secret box. (That's not a euphemism.)

@MrNayaRivera Santana just royally (and hilariously) dissed Kurt. Hint: The words "blouse" and "pink eye" were used.

@weheartglee_ You can expect [Brittany] to perform a fierce cover of Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)", and wear knee-high socks doing it

@immagleek_ Really moving BILLY ELLIOT-esque Mike/Tina scene in the dance hall, but there's a twist.

@PortalGleek Harry Shum Jr. gets a solo (his first, I believe!)

@pupcuz1 Watching first Klaine scene now! Darren sportin' a nifty gingham/bow-tie/vest combo

@lauramckz Sweet scene outside the school involving flowers and some VERY light PDA.

@comeonailene This DREAMGIRLS number is pretty sweet. Amber Riley blowing the roof off McKinley and giving JHud a run for her money.

OK, back to "Asian F"... ooooooh, the divas are about to face-off

@ERFrizki Mercedes and Rachel, natch!

@LauraC9596 Emma's parents are.... spoiler alert ... ginger supremacists! LOL!!

@gleebeliever Finn forced to choose between Rachel and (wait for it) Kurt! DRAMA!

@LauraC9596 Watching now. Getting chills.
-- In respond to Will singing Fix You.

Final grade: "Asian F" gets a solid A. Def ranks up there with "Wheels" & "Grilled Cheesus." More scoop to come at TVLine.com...

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