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Monday, September 12, 2011

luisa_gleek: any Glee juicy scoop?
We have some scoop down the page, but nothing compares to how much scoop we're going to get! We're at the Fox Fall Premiere party right now, and we're talking to the stars of Glee, House, Bones, Fringe, and more! We're already on the scene, so you'd better go tweet questions for the Fox peeps to our WWK reporter (@jbomb11) before it's too late!

Some news about David Karofsky from Glee?
Unfortunately, we might not see Karofsky (Max Adler) for a couple (maybe more) episodes. This is due to both him filming a movie (he just wrapped), and because Ryan Murphy wants to focus on the original New Directions members for a bit.

Jesse: Please tell me my girl Quinn will be singing more this season.
I don't know about more songs, but Dianna Agron will definitely have some tunes (and reasons) to belt out in season three.

Hypoxanthin: Any Santana, Brittany or Brittana news?
News, you ask? Just that it is important to know that Santana will not react well when she sees that Damian McGinty's character Rory will be living in Brittany's house. Expect some chemistry between Brittany and Rory. And expect them to need a translator. Also, the winner of our Who Should Play Brittany's Mom poll is…Lisa Kudrow! By a landslide. If you are shocked, you are silly.

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