Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler!! Mystery Soloist?

Friday, September 09, 2011

OK so I mentioned that Ryan slipped the name of someone who had a “big solo” coming up this season. It turns out the person he named hasn’t heard anything about it yet, which means Ryan was either trolling or waffling. It’s still interesting, so if you want to read about it, click the read more. But remember, there is like a 99% chance this is totally wrong, so please don’t hate me if/when it doesn’t happen, haha.

Ahahaha yep. Ryan Murphy said Curt Mega is going to have a solo this season.

Now, again, I would hardly call that definitive or factual at all. Even if he was telling the truth, he could change his mind before he gets there. A friend of mine spoke with Luke Edgemon tonight, who knows nothing about it and suspects Curt doesn’t either. So my explanation for this is either that Ryan was being facetious (since Darren just explained to him how his character’s only line ever was “Three,” I suspect Ryan was joking about him having a solo) or he plans to bring the Warblers back and just hasn’t told them yet until he knows what he’s doing. WHO KNOWS. I mean, Curt did say he was going to G2 next year. It could be possible.

My friend and I suspect that maybe New Directions will have to go up against the Warblers at sectionals or regionals or something. And (spoiler alert, if you haven’t heard), since Blaine won’t be their lead soloist anymore, we’ll need someone else. It would be amazing to see them go up against the Warblers-minus-Blaine and have it be Curt freaking Mega, killing it on that stage. Who knows, maybe Riker will join him for a duet?

That is, of course, my opinion and my speculation based on one flippant comment that Ryan made to some random fan at a t-shirt signing. Remember where this information came from. I wouldn’t just take this with a grain of salt—I’d take it with bucketfuls of salt and some pepper for good measure. But, just in case you were curious, that’s who Ryan said. And that’s when Lea leaned over and said “Who’s getting a big solo?” and Ryan and I both said, “Curt Mega” at the same time. There was some confusion over who “Nick” was (I think she thought that was someone’s real name) so Ryan said Curt and Riker were Nick and Jeff. Or something. But everything happened so fast, I really couldn’t retain it past when it happened.
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