Supposed 3x01 Spoilers!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

They are quite general ‘spoilers’ but as always take with a grain of salt.

- very old school Brittany/Santana and Brittany/Santana/Sue interactions. Felt like season one again.

- cute teacher/teacher interactions.

- Quinn is very interesting this episode. I felt for her and cared a lot even though she left me cold last season.

- Faberry fans will love a certain scene.

- Klaine fans will be satisfied. Blaine fans especially.

- a scene in the cafeteria starts seriously and ends hilariously. Genuine laughter.

- generally a good job on focusing on the many cast members. Tina, Mike, and Mercedes all have their moments.

- a new girl is introduced. I don’t know what to think about her yet; she doesn’t have much screen time in this episode.

- overall it wasn’t “classic” Glee, but it wasn’t bad. It was just different.

- the cafeteria scene beings as something with good intentions for the Glee club, and, as high school goes, quickly devolves into chaos.

- Sugar is very, very briefly introduced. I cannot give you a solid “purpose” for her character yet, as she had hardly any screen time in 3x01.

- there is a humorous moment regarding Quinn’s summer activities that could be read in quite a few ways.

- Quinn’s changes are not directly related to Finn.

- Santana and Brittany are very confusing to me right now, I will admit. I do not understand why they are suddenly cheerleaders again. Everything I saw in 3x01 between the two of them could have taken place in 1x13 or so. It is very strange.

[Quinn] is utterly compelling to watch, and this is coming from someone who paid her very little attention last season. Dianna makes the absolute best of every second of screen time she is given.

She is not just being a bratty, rebellious teenager; there is a depressing reason why she’s acting this way. I’ve almost become a Quinn fan because of this episode alone.

- Rachel is not all about Finn in 3x01. She and Kurt continue their friendship and she has an emotional scene with Quinn later on in the episode.

- as soon as the episode finished it became clear to me that a few “spoilers” from this summer are not true at ALL, particularly ones involving new characters.

Quinn is not in the Glee Club at the start of the season, but she is very lost and very unhappy. Later on in the episode, Rachel confronts Quinn and tells her she doesn’t need to do this (I presume she means “act punk” or “rebel” but I didn’t capture every moment) and that Glee will always accept her no matter how she decides to dress or act. 

It was reminiscent of their conversations in season one, and really hit home for me personally, even though I don’t “ship” them in a romantic way. It is a solid friendship moment that I hope brings forward a lot more.

[Brittana] have shifted back into the “front thirteen” touchy best friends mode. Their moments together and with Sue made me nostalgic for season one.

I would not say [the show] is darker, but rather a combination of old school Glee and new looking-toward-the-future Glee. I didn’t see any “pandering” which was certainly a positive.

The editing was really strange, though, and brought me out of the episode a couple of times, but I was warned about it so the full episode will most likely flow much better.
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