What Lies Ahead: Are We Going To See Another Side of Puck?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The Bully Will Be Back: We already know Dave Karofsky's coming back in a very surprising way, but Max Adler revealed to us a bit more about his return. "I can't say too much. Karofsky is back, and it's something I don't think you'll expect. You'll see him at a place that I don't think anybody would really guess," he tells us. "It reminds me of the 'Never Been Kissed' episode, where you have this secret that you can't wait for the audience to see. And I can't wait for it to be shared and hear people's reactions. I think the audience gets more out of not knowing and having that shock element." We wait with breath that is bated. And we'll pass the waiting time by speculating on this place that we'll find Karofsky in. What do you guys think?

Mr. and Mrs. Chang Are Here: Harry Shum Jr. tells us that next week's episode is very "Mike Chang heavy," which is never a bad thing. "You get to meet the parents, and you see them go head to head a little bit," he says. "When you finally meet them, you get a sense of Mike Chang's home life and the pressure he has with school." And don't expect the parents to be some kind of one-episode stand, because Shum tells us that they'll definitely be back. "We're diving deeper into his life. I think the storyline definitely calls for that. You will see the parents time and time again," he says.

More Puck? Yes, Please: We got a taste of deeper storylines for Puck in tonight's episode, and Mark Salling promises that we'll get lots more where that came from. "You're still going to see the Puck you've known over seasons one and two, but you will always see another side to him, [which] I enjoyed playing." And does he want Quinn and Puck to end up together? He remained coy, only saying "I think a lot of the fans would." As for you Lauren-Puck fans who mourned their breakup, Salling says to have faith in what the writers are doing. "I trust the writers and producers know what's right for my character. They know what they're doing."

Lots to digest, Glee fans! Did the last moment of the episode mean the beginning of the end for Klaine? Do you really think Quinn will go after Beth and Shelby like that? Do you think you're a unicorn, too?

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