What Lies Ahead: Shelby Returns Brings the Drama!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Kurt vs. Blaine: No, they won't be fighting over the last bow tie on sale at H&M. This couple will be fighting over something very important to both of them, and one of them might take things a bit too far. But don't worry, Colfer tells us that Klaine will be just fine. "He still has his boyfriend and his boyfriend still has him. They really don't have much other option to cheat on each other with," he says.

Sue's Campaign Hits a Roadblock: TVLine.com reports that Burt will be running against Sue, and I hear that he will be stiff competition. When you're as awesome as Mike O'Malley, it's not surprising his campaign will be equally wonderful. Coming up? Sue and Burt scenes that will rival the epicness of Will and Sue scenes.

Shelby Returns Brings the Drama: Not only will Shelby's return as a teacher at McKinley bring up issues between her and Will, but Puck, Quinn and Rachel will have lots of emotional baggage to deal with when she blows into town. Just prepare yourselves for the next couple episodes.

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