Ask Ausiello Spoilers!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Question: We just want to know if it is Blaine that Kurt loses his virginity to on Glee. You were vague in your story. Two seconds of your time would alleviate a lot of stress for people. —MattAusiello: Yes, Kurt loses his virginity to Blaine. FYI: That actually required 45 seconds of my time. First I had to copy and past your question (three seconds), then I had to research and write out the answer (40 seconds), and, lastly, I had to format the text (two seconds). This job’s a lot harder than it looks. Something to keep in mind.

Question: Will there be a Glee Halloween episode this year? —KatieAusiello: Negatory. The show goes on a three-week hiatus after this week’s episode, returning on Nov. 1 with the non-pumpkin themed “Pot O’ Gold.”

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