Glee is Filming at a... GAY BAR!!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Being shot in Burbank at Whiskey Bend, Max AdlerChris Colfer, Zach Woodlee and Darren Criss were spotted around the area.

Bar name: Scandals Cocktails and Lounge

More spoilers from a person that was there:
  • @kurzel Lol looks like they just filmed them getting to the gay bar
  • @kurzel Lol blaines car they're in blaines car alone its a wagon dark green omg sounds like that drunk spoiler is backed up I can't see
  • @kurzel Darren in vest dark green long sleeve dark rolled up slacks Chris in omg black skinny jeans gray button down black vest thingy and some necklace
  • @kurzel And Blaine is now drunk and Kurt is helping him in the car and Blaine is draped over him lol Chris just yelped
  • @kurzel Blaine is drunk I think Kurt is tipsy Blaine is holding onto kurts arms and heir faces are super near and Kurt gets him into the backseat and Blaine tugs him in face first and Kurt yelps Blaine'
  • @kurzel They are in the car for awhile like 60 percent sure they're doing something Kurt gets out Blaine gets out Kurt yells Blaine storms off spoiler looks dead on
  • @kurzel Oh my god Blaine stormed off and Chris started yelping Blaine really dramatically and Darren was all diva and they laughed lol
  • @kurzel Last tweetbess them goofing off off camera btw lol
  • @kurzel And Kurt was definitely yelling in s come back way
  • @kurzel Last scene of the day btw
  • @kurzel Blaine looked mad and drunk when he stormed off and Kurt was yelling for him to come back and he looked like sort of distressed
  • @kurzel Kurt was yelping in the car loud and he was out of breath when he got out oh god hot and he said "you don't know that or you just don't care?" and Blaine stormed off and Kurt yelled for him and blaine said drunkenly "I was trying to be spontaneous and fun!" omg that was heated
  • @kurzel They are definitely arguing and omg Darren and Chris when they practice their work ethic is amazing together
  • @kurzel What i could hear from here "I've never felt like this before" something about this morning all from Kurt definitely something around those lines
  • @kurzel Okay kurt either says never felt like this before oR never felt lust before this or something I'm trying to hear lol blaine is wearing an undone bowtie how cute
  • @kurzel Kurt said I have never felt this much lust for someone before either that or my ears are on fanfic mode and trying to make me die lol
  • @kurzel Lmao Chris was in the middle of the scene and in char he said "ok that was not the line"
  • @kurzel Dave is not here sorry my replies are insane didn't see the ones asking for max
  • @kurzel Okay I heard when you're sober and can remember the next morning and definitely the word lust from kurt ooh this is gon be good
  • @kurzel Dammir ears is it lust or less that kurt says should I have a heart attack or not can I be daredevil real quick or
  • @kurzel Ouch I winced but kurt definitely says "dancing with other guys" either about blaine or him prolly blaine cause grant was here earlier uh oh
  • @kurzel These girls who were watching on the other side saw them makin out in the car yeah ok I'm dead
  • @kurzel I did not see the make out btw the girls did


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