A Lot Of 3x04 Spoilers! Quick, Beth, Brittana and More!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Kurt in this episode a lot?

Are all the Carole scenes with Burt?
Yes. She has like one line.

What about Kurt and Blaine?
Kurt has scenes with his dad and Blaine only has the TGIF scene.

do you know if there is any kind of ‘quick’ coming up soon?
There’s a lot of Quick scenes in 3x04.

Does Rachel have any scene with anyone in 3x04?
No. Nothing.

Do we get to see the club’s reaction to Mercedes leaving?

Does Santana and her storyline get enough focus this episode or is it like last season where she just gets short minute and a half scenes?
She has a lot of scenes and focus.

Do rachel and finn have any cute senses in 3X04
Watch TGIF.

So Rachel doesn’t have any screentime?
She has like 3 lines in the choir room. One of them is "he’s magical"

Are there any Brittana scenes in 3x04? And if so, are those the usual ~20 seconds scenes we always seem to get, or can we hope for a little bit more this time?
They have a nice scene.

Is Brittany manipulated into leaving ND?

Is Santana’s stuff mostly with Brittany and Rory?
And with Mercedes/Sugar and Finn.

Is the Brittana scene in private or in front of a locker?
Not in private and not at school.

Personally, what did you think of the episode overall?
I can tell that the characters who get focus are Finn, Santana, Rory, Brittany, Quinn, Puck, Shelby, Kurt, Will, Sue and Burt. It’s a balance between those characters.

any wemma? or Emma?

Can you tell me more about what Puck is up to in this episode?
He’s really sweet, he really cares about Beth and wants what’s good for her.

Which song do they perform first?
Being Green.

So since there's a lot of Kurt in this, are there a couple of Klaine moments as well? Aside from the LFN dance number? 
Kurt has scenes with Burt, one is Burt/Kurt/Carole/Finn together.

Any Quinn scenes? 

Does Rory seem like a good or a bad guy?

Last song performed?
Take care of yourself.

Does Tina have a line? 

Who else is with Brittany and Santana during their scene?
One scene is just the two of them.

Are all of Quinn's scenes quick scenes? Or do we get to see some without puck? :)
She also has a scene with Shelby.

Does Blaine have any spoken lines? It looks like from one of the production stills that he's speaking in front of ND before LFN. Also, does Santana say anything specifically about or to Blaine regarding him being the reason she joins the Troubletones?
Blaine does a little speech before LFN. He says they had a rough week with Mercedes leaving but glee is about fun. After the performance Santana complains saying it’s "the Rachel and Blaine show" and leaves.

Finn - how does his story progress? Any progress with Rachel?
Finchel seem fine but Finn only has scenes with Rory/Brittany/Santana, his family and he watches the other group sing Candyman. 

What's the song from 0:58 onwards in GLEE - Sneak PeeK: "Pot O' Gold" on YouTube? Sounded like Quinn sang it :D
It’s an original song for glee.

Is anyone else with Finn during "Candyman" or is it just him?
Will and Shelby are there too.

Is Puck's song towards Beth or Shelby?

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