More 3x04 'Pot O' Gold' Spoilers! Quinn and Puck Babysitting Beth, Leprechauns, Puck&Shelby and More!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Are Quinn and Puck babysitting together?
Yes. But Quinn is more worried about sabotaging Shelby.

Is there any cute Quinn, Beth, and Puck moments together?
There’s Puck/Beth cute moments.

Does Blaine or WSS come up in any of Kurt's conversations with Burt? Do they get more than one scene together?
WSS. Yes.

Are the Brittana moments in 3x04 friendly or romantic?

What happens in Finn and Brittany's scenes? Just friendly? :/
He doesn’t want her to go to the other glee club and calls her an idiot but then apologizes later.

Is there a Santana and Rory scene?
Yes. You will understand why Damian said Naya is terrifying. lol

Is the terrifying scene about Brittany?

Does Santana overhear Finn calling Brittany an idiot?
Yes, but Brittany holds her own and right after that decides to join the other glee club.

can you say what order the songs are shown in?
  1. Being Green
  2. LFN
  3. Waiting For a Girl Like You
  4. Candyman
  5. Take Care of Yourself

Will we see the insides of a certain restaurant again in 3x04? ;)

Is the Brittana scene at Breadstix?

Why does Finn call Brittany an idiot? Does Brittany say something?
Because Brittany believes in leprechauns and he says that it doesn’t exist and for her to grow up and stop being an idiot.

Will there be a montage during Take Care Of Yourself?

Is Puck there when Quinn meets Beth for the first time?

does tina have more than one line?

in episode 4 is there any Finchel scene?

Is the breadstix scene a real scene or part of a montage?
Real scene.

I have two questions 1. What happens between puck and shelby in the end of pot o gold that will lead up to the kiss? and 2. Will there be flirting between puck and shelby in pot o gold?
It’s a mutual admiration. How much they care about Beth. They start seeing each other with other eyes.

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