Spoiler Chat! Wemma, Klaine and Santana's Family? Check it out!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LauraC9596: Wemma scoop please?
Why don't you put this bit of info in your pocket: Will and Emma might be on their way to finally doing the deed, too! When we asked Jayma Mays if things would be "going down" between her and Will (Matthew Morrison), she was quite coy…but not coy enough. "Well, I don't know what "going down" means, but it could be true. It's possible," she tells us with a smile. Hear that Wemma fans? Possible! Also, we don't want to send Wemma fans into a crazed freak-out session, but we also happen to know that Glee is looking to cast a doctor for an upcoming episode. Now that could be for anybody, but wouldn't it be just perfect if after their first time Will and Emma had to visit the doc for a certain reason? Go on, take that scoop and run with it. We won't stop you.

@LU_18: are we going to get more @CoryMonteith on Glee?? He has been MIA so far! #spoilerchat
Haven't you heard? You're about to get a lot of Cory Monteith.

@2Shay29: gLee. Anything. Please. The drought is killing me.
Let's just say that not everyone is enthused about Blaine joining New Directions. And they won't be afraid to let their grievances be heard. Plus, could we possibly be meeting a member of Santana's family soon? Glee producers are looking for a guest star (possibly recurring) that's described as a Latin beauty. Maybe Santana (Naya Rivera) brings Brittany (Heather Morris) home to meet the parents? Brittan fans can only hope.

struckbyCcolfer: any news for Klaine Fans?
Their big episode is coming up real quick (Nov. 8), and we can reveal that Tina Turner is around for an important physical moment between Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer). Confusing but fabulous tidbit, right?

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