Spoiler Chat!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hannah: Kristin! Is there any truth to the spoiler that Kurt and Rachel will lose their virginities to Blaine and Finn respectively? You could save fans a lot of chaos over the hiatus!
There might be truth to those rumors. We've definitely heard about one pair doing the deed. But all we can reveal right now is that a scene involving said couple in that episode is…intense, to say the least. That's all you're getting out of us! Move along now.

Amanda in Burbank, Calif.: Anything on Glee will do. Thanks!
A Glee question not related to people losing their virginity? What wondrous world is this? After tomorrow's episode, New Directions might be down one member and/or up one member.

@nomesterz: I want to know about Rachel and Finn :)
Oh my goodness, who doesn't?! Finn (Corey Monteith) gives Rachel (Lea Michele) the cutest pep-talk before her diva-off with Mercedes (Amber Riley), but when Rachel asks Finn to choose between his brother and his girlfriend, Finn is not sure who he'd put first.

Nicole in Philadelphia, Pa.: Any Will and Emma scoop for Glee?
Wemma fans, get ready! Tomorrow night's episode is packed to the brim with Wemma-licious moments, both silly and serious. We learn that Will (Matthew Morrison) is prepared to deal with a bridezilla, meet some "ginger supremacist" parents, and find out what led to Emma's (Jayma Mays) OCD, all in the name of love. Awww! Top it off with a tear-jerking Coldplay song and you've got the most wonderfully Wemma-fied episode ever.

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