What Lies Ahead: Kurt and Blaine Blaming On The Alcohol, Brittana and Damian!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Harry Shum Jr., New Glee Star? Anyway you slice it, Harry rocked tonight's episode. But does that mean he'll always be front and center on Glee? Possibly, but he's content with just another solo. "From what I've been hearing [chances] are good, but I hope so," he tells us. "I've always took everything day by day, and even from being on the first season to the second season and the third season, I've said 'This is what I can do, let me know what you want me to be doing.' Luckily, it's been going alright." More tank tops. That's all we ask.

First Timers: From what we hear, Kurt and Blaine in episode five might have some problems that need to be blamed on the alcohol. That's right, things are going way past innocent for those two. Bars and jealousy and heated arguments in and outside of cars...it's madness! It's like we always say, when it comes to engaging in relations while tipsy, save it for college, kids! On, and we'll be seeing the Warblers again real soon.

The Leprechaun Is Upon Us: Damian McGinty's episode is next; prepare to be blown away. Seriously, we think even the most jaded Glee fan will be shocked by his performance. And Brittana fans will be thanking their Lucky Charms that he came around, because his arrival leads to what you guys have been waiting for.

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