3x07 'I Kissed A Girl' Spoilers! Puckleberry, Santana and more!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Excited for tonight's episode?! Wanna know more? Read below and re-watch the promo!

3x07 - I Kissed A Girl Promo

Why does Santana sing Constant Craving with Shelby, or are they in two different scenes?
Last scene, both groups at the choir room.

Is there anything Finchel tonight?
They’re usually with Kurt. Just the two of them is when Kurt leaves and Rachel tells Finn the truth and he leaves her.

There is some Klaine?

Is there any Puck and Rachel interaction?
Tiny bit but yes.

Who does Puck sing his song too?
Shelby. He sings a little to Rachel too.

Do we get to see Santana's house in 'I Kissed A Girl' episode?

Are Kurt and Blaine singing towards Santana

Is Santana in her uniform at her house?

What what do you mean Finn leaves Rachel?? They do not break up do they...or do you mean that Finn walks away from Rachel after her confession. Thanks for all the scoop. 
The 2nd one. I didn’t mean break up.

Any Hummelberry or Furt? 
Yes. The 3 of them.

Can I ask you if Klaine have some scenes or some tiny moments in backgrounds or just Perfect?
They’ll have a scene together.

Does 'Perfect' count as the one scene Kurt and Blaine will be having or is it seperate from the performance?
It’s another scene.

Following Kurt's loss at class president, is there a Klaine scene where Blaine comforts him?
Yes, Blaine comforts him.

Does Kurt join in at the end of constant craving in the episode, or was that cut out?
We see him sing. And the Klaine besides ‘perfect’ is a moment during the last song.

Any cute couple moment from couples other than Brittana?
Klaine are cute too.

What order are the songs in?
I’m the Only One
Girls just wanna have fun
I Kissed A Girl
Constant Craving

Any Brittana cute scene?
Lots of cuteness.

Any Pezberry scene?
No. Rachel’s scenes are all about Kurt.

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