Ask Ausiello: Will and Emma Are Getting Married?!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Question: I heard a rumor that someone on Glee is going to buy an engagement ring soon. Do you know who it is and when the question gets popped? —Carrie?
Ausiello: I think I do. Sources confirm that the first episode back in January is titled “The Proposal.” Those same sources also reveal that the episode is a big one for (drumroll, please) Will and Emma!

Question: Do you know why that much-hyped Sue Sylvester flashback was cut from last week’s Glee? —Macario
Ausiello: Time, it would seem, was not on Sue’s side. According to exec producer Ryan Murphy, “The sequence ended up being like a little movie” and thus “too long for the episode.” But don’t fret; the footage will see the light of day. “We are releasing it either as a DVD extra or online,” Murphy confirms. “It’s called How Sue Sylvester Became a Bitch.”

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