Awesome 3x05 'The First Time' Spoilers!!!!

Friday, November 04, 2011

There are Bieste tears when Blaine sings #TheFirstTime #Glee
You're the single most interesting kid in all Ohio! - Blaine to Kurt 
6:39 in and there is a Klaine kiss! #Glee #TheFirstTime

Random hot librarian being serenaded by Warblers #TheFirstTime
Sex on a stick and sings like a dream - Sebastian on the legend of Blaine #Glee #TheFirstTime
Minor note of interest - @LeaMichele wearing dark nail polish for her Maria performance. Faithful fans know she's a light girl usually #Glee

Finn asking Puck for condoms! #Glee #TheFirstTime

@KiamiKiyo I am fifteen minutes (into the episode)

Kurt's Bucket List: #5 Have relations on a dewy meadow of lilac with Taylor Lautner before he gets fat #TheFirstTime #Glee
"McKinley is where my heart is" - Oh Blainers #glee
Kurt's bucket list: #86 'Arrive at school in a hot air balloon' #glee

I've never had meat subsitute that tasted that much like meat. - Rachel to Finn (he made dinner) #TheFirstTime #Glee

Rachel telling Finn she loves him during their first attempt at sex. #TheFirstTime #Glee


Kurt walking in on Blaine turning Sebastian down #Awkward #Glee #TheFirstTime

Super poignant scene between Mike & his dad in #TheFirstTime #Glee #heartbreak

OMG - in tears over Cooter asking out Bieste! #TheFirstTime #Glee #sweetness

Brittany lost her virginity at cheerleading camp - Alien Invasion #Glee #TheFirstTime

@StephanieeeeD Quinn starts a lecture about waiting w/ Rachel in front of Tina & Santana

Sweet Tike scene about losing virginity! #TheFirstTime #Glee

Kurt cockblocking Sebastian at the gay bar :D #TheFirstTime #Glee

@JusCallMeNicola That's a good question! I think you're ok to watch this with your family. Nothing graphic!

@ditadipolvere The Kurofsky scene is nice, but it didn't move me. :-x #TheFirstTime #Glee

@WElove123 There is a small Wemma moment in the audience before West Side Story starts! #TheFirstTime #Glee

Has no one taught Blaine that you wear socks with shoes? Even penny loafers... #isitjustme #TheFirstTime #Glee

After party at Breadstix?! I'm there! #Glee #TheFirstTime

@soccertrs007 there is talk that Finn gave Rachel flowers for her performance, but you don't see them #Glee #TheFirstTime

@Sunshine59371 You can't watch Finchel & Klaine attempt love making (which is what it is) and tweet :-P #Glee #TheFirstTime

@heatherm0rris No one is without a shirt in this episode - sad! #Glee #TheFirstTime

@njuta I wouldn't call it making out as some quick smooching [talking about the car scene]

@karladan The performance of America is the best out of all the songs this year - in my opinion! Good stuff!

TVGMDamian damianholbrook 
ok, Kurt wears a belted sweater dress in next week's #Glee. I just can't...

@amandyland i judt don't understand why he has to dress like Hollywood from Mannequin

next week's #Glee: The Warblers single-most annoying appearance

@amandyland no, but there is leopard print involved

oooh, Santana as Anita. that's the hotness right there. #glee

the new Warbler looks like a gay Jimmy Neutron #glee

oh Kurt is in a poncho shawl. i kid you not. #glee

gotta say, the direction of this episode is pretty impressive. #glee THAT's a Kurt i can respect. a little "Sally Field in Steel Magnolias" hysterical, but still great Klaine scene. #glee

great Finchel scene. more finn than rachel. #glee

@salsagasm not s1 quality, maybe mid-S2. One good moment for Quinn.

@akpierce it's a great, emotional scene. monteith handles it nicely

@syn_saga Yes, they sing in West Side Story and they share a scene about lecturing Rachel to wait on sex. #Glee #TheFirstTime

@JadeOlsen @tophatkurt I can't answer because it's a teen show - so it's not like they'd show :-P [on who tops and bottoms]

@kathrynbellyay You don't really see any of Blaine's room in the episode #TheFirstTime #Glee

@justbecasue1 Rachelriffic. Cry singing intact [how is Rachel as Maria?]

@44glen_coco There is no Brittana in #TheFirstTime #Glee

@KagomeRulz lil of both [@TVGMDamian How is this episode for Rachel. Does she get good character dev or continue to support other characters?]

@Spanish_Gleek There is plenty of affection in the Klaine "sex" scene :) #theFirstTime #Glee

@LeaCoryFinchel Finchel fans will be desperately in love with this episode! #TheFirstTime #Glee

ok, now the #glee questions are getting too spoilery and I'm not that guy. so let's just say it's a strong ep that hits on a TON of plots

@starkid_pond a couple, but mostly in rehearsal. nothing important [on blainchel]

@WElove123 There are actually two Wemma scenes in #TheFirstTime but they are short and yet sweet :) #Glee

@VannahTheGleek I am gunna say Finchel and Klaine have same air time in #TheFirstTime #Glee

@Danii_RuiizA Excellent episode! Finchel & Klaine fans will be happy about #theFirstTime #Glee

@WElove123 There is nothing to share outside of Wemma watching the play. No way to tell if they are ready for sex. #TheFirstTime #Glee

@OhMyDarrenCriss There are Warblers in the West Side Story audience #Glee #TheFirstTime

@Lorena_105 #TheFirstTime is Quick free #Glee

@LiaJay97 sure. or at least spastically move in a dance-like manner. [@TVGMDamian do kurt and blaine dance together at the gay bar?]

@zuzu_korel this is THE LAST goodie: Its a very sweet, brief and funny scene. felt like closure.[on Kurt/Karofsky scene]

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