Chris Colfer Reveals What's After "The First Time"! Plus Lea Michele Starts a Sex-Scene Contest!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tonight is the night, Glee fans! Candles lit? Sheets silky? Music playing? Check, check, check.

Only one thing left to do, then. And that's read part two of our interview with Chris Colfer. He's already told you all about filming the love scene and the significance of Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) going all the way. But now he spills on what comes after the big night, and he reveals his favorite scene in the episode. But first, Lea Michele tells ushow she pumped Cory Monteith up to outperform Klaine

"When Cory and I were doing our scene, the crew came up to us and they were like, 'Look. We just want you to know that Darren and Chris were really hot. They went for it,'" she tells us. "So I was like, 'Listen, Monteith. We've got to do better than them. We've got to turn these people on! And we have to top those boys!' Poor Cory. But it was great. It really was."

Oh, snap! Lea is in it to win it. That's why we love her. Now, it's time for Chris to give us more dirt about "The First Time."

Could you clear something up for us? Is the scene at the end of the episode Blaine and Kurt basking in the glow after they do the deed, or is it before they have sex?
Chris Colfer: I'm not sure. I think it could be either. It's got to be a flashback or it could be afterward. It could be their second performance or something.

Like you've said, the actual love scene is very simple. I think the bigger event in the episode was when Blaine and Kurt hit up a gay bar.
My favorite scene of the episode is the scene between Max (Adler) and I, the scene we had at the bar. You got to find out what happened to the Karofsky character, and that was really good to see.

Fans have been talking about chemistry between Kurt and Karofsky. Are we going to going to see him again?
Not to my knowledge. At least in the scripts there hasn't been anything between us, but that would be a great thing to explore. I mean talk about quite a bit of history that those characters have together! I really like Karofsky a lot, but I don't think they would ever split Kurt and Blaine up because people really, really love that relationship. But anything to do with him I would love to come back.

The scene between Kurt coming into the coffee shop and having a jealous moment with Sebastian and Blaine was a favorite of ours.
Oh my God, I loved it! Oh, that was my favorite scene as well. I love Blaine and Kurt, don't get me wrong, but they've been in this puppy-dog love state for so long. I was like, 'Oh, please! Let's just do something different. Let's have some drama!' and it came and I was like, 'Yes!' thank god!' I was disappointed that yet again someone was trying to steal Blaine. No one was trying to pursue Kurt, but that's just my issue. I was very, very happy that there was some drama going on between the two.

Outside of the love life between Kurt and Blaine, what is going on with Kurt?
Well, he's having trouble with his campaign for class president. He's trying to run an honest campaign and he's kind of discovering that it's a really hard thing to do in the political world. Especially in the political high school world. And his dad is running for Congress and he is helping his dad out with that. And losing his virginity and being a part of the Glee club, so his card is pretty full.

He's got a lot going on right now, which must be really fun for you to play. 
It really is! I definitely enjoy it. I always thought the more emotion the better, whether it's joy or depression or anything. I love it. 

In the first episode of the season, you and Lea were phenomenal together. Since they both have plans to move to New York City, are we going to see more scenes with Kurt and Rachel?
I hope so. That was a lot of fun to be in that room and see all of the different Kurts and Rachels, so I definitely hope so. I hope that we get to sing something from Anything Goes. I would die to do some of those songs like that.

Is there anything else you want to say about the episode before it's unleashed upon the world?
I think the hair and makeup people did an amazing job with those drag queens, [Laughs.] But there isn't really anything else that comes to mind. I really love my outfit in the scene when I walk in to see Blaine and Sebastian in the coffee shop. [Hair and makeup] never get enough credit. People don't know how much our crew works and they never get the credit they deserve.

Well, the lighting was certainly wonderful in the love scenes.
Oh, thank God!

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