Damian McGinty: Rory's Somber Christmas On Glee

Thursday, November 24, 2011

If you thought watching Rory get hit in the face was a dodgeball was tough to watch, wait until Glee’s Christmas episode.

Earlier this week I hopped on the phone with Glee‘s Damian McGinty to chat about the show and his work with Your Dollar Our Future. And during our chat, the Glee Project co-winner told me a bit about the upcoming Christmas episode that will find Rory experiencing a bout of homesickness from his native Ireland
“It’s just all about him growing up at the minute,” McGinty says. “He’s very young compared to everyone — he’s such a kid. So it’s going to be a whole journey for him.”
Surely it hasn’t been easy making the transition to McKinley High, but the actor says newbie syndrome is something lots of kids and teenagers can empathize with. He hopes that Rory’s “sad” Christmas episode storyline further drives home the message. “It’s probably going to relate to a lot of people.”

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