EW Spoiler Chat!

Friday, November 04, 2011

I’m curious as to what the catalyst is that’s impacting Finn. - Jenn
Finn’s bad news involves getting into college.

Is the last scene a montage? And if so, to what song/singers? - @Jam2885
Yep, the last scene is a montage. The two couples lying together cut with the West Side Story Blaine/Rachel performance of "One Hand, One Heart." (Awww.)

Is the spirit/quality of the first half of season 1 ever going to come back? - @mostly_sleepy
This episode is definitely a return to the quality of season 1.

Any Finchel sex scene details would be great! - Lisa K.
The Finchel scene is at his house.

Are there any Puck/Rachel scenes in the next episode? - @tweety2485
No Puck/Rachel scenes but Finn does ask Puck for sex advice!

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