How Much Do the Glee Actors Make?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

If you ask us, the Glee cast is worth every penny of their salaries. But just how many pennies are we talking here? And which cast member is taking home the biggest paycheck in Season 3? We decided to get to the bottom of this mystery, being the dedicated journalists that we are (although some might just call it “nosy”).

The highest-paid performer on the show? That would be Jane Lynch, who reportedly takes home a sizable $60K per episode. And it’s no shocker that she earns the most, considering she was the show’s most recognizable face at the start of the series. Then again, she’s also one of the few cast members who doesn’t have to sing or dance (although she does yell quite a bit), on top of the fact that we don’t always see (or need) her in every episode.

Just behind Jane is Matthew Morrison who is said to pocket $55K an episode (although most of that presumably gets spent on hair products). Clearly, the show values his talents, since he was making only $30K an episode before getting a big raise after Season 2. Let’s face it: No one delivers an inspirational pep talk quite like our Matty.

As for the New Directions members, we know that Lea Michele and Chris Colfer each make about $45K an episode. As for the rest, we can only assume that they probably make slightly less than that. So considering that they still drive gleeks wild week after week while cranking out the number-one hits, we must say that Fox is getting quite the bargain!

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