Keck's Exclusives: Chord Overstreet on His Return to Glee

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When Chord Overstreet failed to come to contractual terms with the producers of Glee over the summer, his character, Sam Evans, was abruptly written off. (In the season premiere, it was explained that his out-of-work father had landed a job in Kentucky.)

On December 6, viewers finally get some resolution when Chord returns to McKinley High just when New Directions needs him most. "Finn and Rachel come find me and ask my parents if I can come back to help them win Sectionals," previews Chord. "Rachel says I can stay at one of their houses, and then everything picks up where it left off."
Unsure exactly how long Sam will be sticking around, the actor says, "It's undetermined at the moment. I'm just having fun, and Mark [Salling], Cory [Monteith], Harry [Shum, Jr.] and Kevin [McHale] were especially glad to welcome me back."
Extra fun was meeting his equally blonde TV parents, Mary and Dwight, played by soap actress Tanya Clarke and former The Dukes of Hazzard heartthrob, John Schneider. "John and I were doing impressions off set the whole time," says Chord. "He does a great Christopher Walken and Sean Connery and I do Matthew McConaughey."

The only downside to rejoining the series: "My body was not used to the dancing. The first day back in the dance studio, we had three songs to do for Sectionals, and the next day my hamstrings couldn't move. And I had to go right back to dancing again."
Oh god.. Don't EVER say 'my body' again... I can't stop picturing it... 

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