More 3x05 'The First Tim'e Spoilers! Karofsky and... Blaine Drunk?!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

“I’m wondering if they actually show anything with the sex scene, and if Kurt and Blaine dance together at the club?” – november8isgreat
Adam: You means scenes, right? Yes, I’ll assume you means scenes. My first reaction was “THAT’S IT?” Not that I was expecting much, but with all the hype we’ve seen for this episode, the scenes themselves are powerful but they don’t SHOW much. In fact, Degrassi and Pretty Little Liars have done similar stories before and pushed the envelope further.
Alexandra: They definitely could have gone a little further than they did. In fact, after all of the hype, I felt extremely let down. There is a great scene with Blaine and Kurt at the gay bar though.

“Anything Brittana? A look? Touching? Conversation? Are they sitting together?” – Anonymous
Adam: Santana does have a few scenes, but they are NOT with Brittany. In fact, Brittany is mostly in the background the whole episode.
Alexandra: There were a lot of awesome Santana moments, although only one of them featured Brittany in the same scene.

“Does Santana say when/to whom she lost her virginity when all the girls are discussing it?” – Anonymous
Alexandra: It wasn’t mentioned, but I kind of wish it was. It’s probably a great story

“Is anything interesting happening in the episode? And by interesting I mean nothing involving Klaine and Finchel.” – Anonymous
Adam: Bieste, Artie, and Mike Chang all have some development in their stories. Speaking of which, it’s great to see Mike Chang back after being left-out of last week’s episode. His story does come back in focus, although briefly. Mercedes on the other hand is left in the background somewhere….
Alexandra: Bieste’s storyline is superb. Her scenes are probably some of the best in the episode, by far. I also agree with Adam regarding Mike Chang, it was fantastic to see him get some of the spotlight again – especially during a scene shared with his mother. I could have done without some of the Artie scenes, especially the first one.

“Any Tina/Mike at all?” – Anonymous
Adam: Both appear in the episode. Tina offers Rachel some advice. Mike has a big moment with his dad when he learns the truth about him not quitting the musical. Big development in Mike’s storyline.

“Is Mercedes in the episode at all? Is it explained why she’s missing from the girls classroom scene?” – Anonymous
Adam: I honestly don’t remember seeing her at all. If she was, it was only in the background with no lines. Which is really frustrating because it seems like it’s always her who gets pushed in the background when Rachel’s story takes center-stage.

“How graphic are the sex scenes? Are they treated equally, do you think?” – Anonymous
Adam: As I mentioned earlier, the scenes are tame. REALLY tame. We MIGHT see some shoulder and elbows. But they are equally lame, oops, I mean tame.
Alexandra: The Finchel and Klaine sex scenes seem more like “blink and you’ll miss it” moments compared to other television show sex scenes. I was actually kind of amused that they even considered them sex scenes. I actually may have laughed a little bit.

“How is [West Side Story] shown through the episode? Is it all shown at once, or is it like bits and pieces throughout?” – Anonymous
Adam: The story is that the play is almost here, so we see the final stages of rehearsals. Then we see the actual play. So lots of West Side Story in this episode. In fact, it’s mostly all. (I think…I’m completely illiterate with musicals.)
Alexandra: As someone familiar with musicals, I can say with much more certainty that West Side Story is pretty much the focus of the episode, even when it’s not directly featured.

“Favorite performance/song of the episode?” – Anonymous
Adam: As someone who’s not really a fan of musicals, I didn’t really know any of the songs. But the better shot/edited was the final song when ‘it’ happens.
Alexandra: Definitely “America.” The song itself is fantastic because of Santana and Puck’s vocals, but the staging and routine really amps it up. On top of that, there’s a small moment featuring Rory that has definitely cemented him as one of my favorite characters on the show.

“I have two quick questions – and thank you so much for taking them. 1) is kurt at dalton at all? 2) is it true that we learn sebastian is “promiscuous?” 3) is there any klaine kiss that is passionate or are they all little pecks?” – Anonymous
Adam: 1) No, 2) He’s a teen with a fake I.D. who likes to have fun, there’s your answer, 3) Definitely not just pecks.
Alexandra: I would like to elaborate on Adam’s answer and say that Sebastian is more of an annoying preppy boy than anything resembling promiscuous. I could live without seeing him again. Actually, I would prefer that we don’t see him again. I’ll take more of the background Warbler played by Steven Skyler though, he seems cooler.

“Do we see Blaine’s bedroom in the episode?” – Anonymous
Adam: Yes. That’s where they do it. No I didn’t take note what the room looks like.
Alexandra: His bedroom looks like an eighty-year-old man’s home office. Seriously. Blaine’s bedroom is really boring and monochromatic, and I refuse to believe that a Junior in high-school lives in such a place.

“Can you tell us anything about the car scene after the gay bar?” – Anonymous
Adam: Blaine is drunk, stuff happens in backseat, and one of them walks home.
Alexandra: This scene really made me like Kurt. Chris Colfer and Darren Criss portrayed this moment perfectly.

“Was Karofsky’s scene with Kurt closure? Do you think he’ll be back again?” – Anonymous
Adam: They seem to bury the hatchet. Karofsky talks about life at his new school. Will we see him again? Well, he isn’t killed off, so I guess he COULD technically.
Alexandra: I liked Kurt’s scene with Karofsky, but it lacked some real substance and felt kind of shoehorned in. It did kind of seem like closure though, but if that’s the last we see of him – it’s a really awful ending.

“How much Artie is there in ep 5″ – Anonymous
Alexandra: A lot of the episode features Artie, and he gets an awkwardly written scene with Coach Bieste in the auditorium that helps set up her storyline.


Adam: I’ll start with the good: the directing made the episode LOOK great (visually). There were some great moments, and the episode was low on Mr. Schuester (which is always good). However the episode fell short to what we’ve seen this season. I’ve said that Season 3 has been great, which is good after an awful 2nd season. But the “theme” in this episode seemed forced. And that was the problem with season 2. When an episode covers a topic or theme, it seems too forced. The reason itself why “first times” are brought up is ridiculous! So although the episode had good moments, “The First Time” felt like a Season 2 episode, and that’s NOT a good thing. Possibly the weakest episode of this good season.

Alexandra: Like Adam said, the directing and cinematography on this episode was amazing, and little to no Mr. Schue is always a good thing. However, the episode did fall extremely flat. Season three was off to a really good start, and with the exception of perhaps two scenes – this episode just doesn’t fit with the flow of things. The topic of losing one’s virginity felt like it was shoved into the episode just so it could be covered before the winter break, the appearance by Karofsky felt more like something to pacify his fans than something true to the character, and Rachel was back to being a one-track diva. This is definitely the weakest episode yet, and the hype surrounding it makes no sense.

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